How to Have Positive Politics in Your Home

On Tuesday we talked about the importance of practicing what you preach at home.

Practically speaking, if you want your kids to learn respect and responsibility, you need to set the stage for it at home. Here’s an idea for developing great “politics” in your home:

  • Discuss with your family and write down some of the most important values in your home. (Examples of values include faith, duty, learning, authenticity, self-control, generosity, etc.)
  • Once the list is complete, ask your children how well they think you (the parent) live by these values and follow these rules.
  • Write down one rule for each value. For example, if the value is respect, your rule might read: “People will use respectful voices when we are upset. People will take ‘time outs’ until they can use respectful tones (parents included!)”
  • Discuss and decide what the consequences for breaking each rule will be.  

Enjoy this activity, and join us in praying that more and more leaders would emerge from homes that practice politics this way.



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