5 Ancient Pearls of Wisdom from the CF Vault

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OK, so these posts might not qualify as “ancient”… but they’re pretty old in internet years! Here are five “oldies but goodies” that we dusted off from the Connected Families Vault, plus a few bonus ones thrown in.

1. Consequences that Actually Work!

As our second most popular post, Part 3 of this series, “Restitution Consequences,” is a must-read from the Connected Families vault! It went viral quickly, with the catchy Pinterest pin tagline, “Hit your brother? Make him a treat!” Dig into the power of reconciliation as a relationship-healer in conflict situations. (Or, for a refresher on some other types of consequences, check out the other posts in the series — Part 1: Natural Consequences and Part 2: Logical Consequences.)

2. Is There “Miracle Grow” for Good Behavior?

In this practical gem of a post, Lynne talks about the “ABCs of Affirmation” that have been so helpful to many of her coaching clients. Check it out and start “fertilizing” good behavior in your kids!

3. The New Problem of Entitlement

Our first post to go viral, “The New Problem of Entitlement” sets out a call to parents to raise responsible kids by giving their kids responsibilities. Its follow-up post, “Your Kids: Responsible or Spoiled?“, is our most popular post ever. Fight the entitlement complex and stop doing things for your kids that they can do for themselves!

4. The Most Important Thing Your Child Can Do!

Research suggests that there is one factor that has a profound effect in reducing the incidence of destructive behavior in kids. Know what it is? Find out in “The Most Important Thing Your Child Can Do“. (Here’s a hint: its follow-up post is called “Pass the peas, pass the faith!“)

5. Michael Phelps’ Secret… and What It Tells Us About Parenting

What does Michael Phelps have to do with raising godly, responsible children? And how does that relate to surviving record-breaking straight-line winds on a canoe trip? It’s all about raising overcomers.

Well, we hope you found a few pearls of wisdom here among the internet cobwebs. Blessings as you continue to grow your connected family!

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[Photo Credit: Teresa | Flickr]