The Parents’ Guide to Surviving Christmas

Christmas is here. It seems only yesterday that it was the start of school… Thanksgiving even… and now the celebration of Jesus’ birth is upon us. What’s a busy parent to do to make sure the kiddos are still feeling safe, loved, capable, and responsible amidst all the hustle and bustle? Here are a few ideas from Christmas past…

The Gift of Not Giving: What Kids REALLY Want for Christmas

Whether you’ve already bought gifts for your kids or not, remember to stop and take some time to give kids what they REALLY want for Christmas… and it’s not what you might expect.

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When Kids Act Up, Don’t Try to Be More Patient…

With all the stuff that gets added to parents’ plates around the holidays, it can feel like kids’ misbehavior is the last straw. But you don’t need to keep praying for patience, and you don’t need to explode either! Click to read what you really need when kids act up.

Is there harm in convincing kids that Santa is real?

This post touched a few nerves, but we think that deciding whether or not to participate in imaginative Christmas traditions (like Santa or the “elf on the shelf”) is something that parents should take the time to consider and discuss together.

Adapting Christmas for Adopted Kids

If you are the parent of an adopted child or a child who has had a traumatic past, the holidays can seem more messy than merry. Check out these three practical solutions for some common Christmas challenges from adoptive parents Colleen & Dave.