Invest in families: Sponsor a Parenting Tip!

Connected Families sponsor a parenting tip

Each week we hear stories of amazing life change from the thousands of people all over the world who read our parenting tips. It is an honor and a privilege to speak into the lives of so many. Here’s an example of feedback we receive:

“It is absolutely amazing that something electronic could minister so deeply to me! Truly a gift from God.” – Shannon

“I stumbled across Connected Families when a friend posted an article on Facebook. I immediately signed up for parenting tips . Every email I am challenged or encouraged, and I am always learning and growing. Thanks so much!” – Ann

“You have again delivered such a powerful idea. Thank you. You helped me see a key piece of deep wisdom to help me understand why relationships between parents and kids can feel so disconnected and inauthentic and painful. Through your words today I have put something together in my brain that I had not previously connected. I am deeply grateful for these kinds of aha moments. – Kim

After boiling down the numbers we’ve determined that it costs about $250 per post to write, produce, and email a parenting tip, and respond to questions after posting. Since each parenting tip reaches an average of around 25,000 people, this is an incredibly good return on investment. (For those of you who aren’t mental math enthusiasts, that works out to $0.01 per reader! Wow!)

This year we are inviting those whose families have been impacted by Connected Families to Sponsor a Parenting Tip for $250. This could be to honor someone, celebrate someone, in memory of someone, or any other reason you can think of!

For each post that is sponsored, we will share a line at the bottom like the following examples:

  • “Sponsored by John and Jane Doe, In honor of their children’s birth mom. May God always protect her and surround her with people who love her.”
  • “Sponsored by John and Jane, In honor of Grandma Rose, who has always been a prayer warrior for her 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.”
  • “Sponsored by Anonymous: In memory of our son, Levi, whose life was taken from us too soon. Even though we only knew him for a few hours, we miss him every day.”
  • “Sponsored by John and Jane Doe, In celebration of their son Judah’s 8th Birthday.”

Fill out the form to begin the process!

P.S. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Thank you for partnering with us to build strong families!