Tired of Sibling Fighting? We Can Help!


Tired of Sibling Fighting-

Parents of siblings… did you ever think it would be this hard?

You imagined your kiddos as best friends, being there for each other throughout life, always having each other’s backs. And yet, here they are, yo-yo-ing from best friends to bitter enemies several times a day. Sometimes it seems like the “best friend” moments are becoming increasingly fleeting as you just try to keep the next world war from launching in your living room.

We’ve been there. We feel your pain. And we’re working to develop an online course specifically to address this seemingly impossible challenge.

In February 2016 we will launch our next online course, titled Siblings: From Bickering to Bonding. The issues that come up most often during our Q & A portion of our workshops are nearly always in regards to sibling relationships. We’ve heard your cry, and we’re excited to join you on this journey… not to simply “stop the fighting” but to give you tools to grow strong, healthy relationships.

We are inviting YOU to be part of the team that gets this course written, filmed, packaged, and shipped. If you donate $25 or more between today and November 12 you’ll be given a special link to get access to the course for free in February!

Join us — be part of our special launch team and help us reach out to build strong, healthy sibling relationships in families everywhere! Click here to give now.

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