Online Course Affiliate Program

You believe in bringing valuable parenting resources to your audience. We’re excited to partner with you in doing so! 

Benefits to you:

  • Take our courses for free. You’ll continue to be encouraged and challenged in YOUR parenting journey!
  • Engage with your audience without creating a ton of new content.
  • The more you share, the greater your financial return. All affiliates receive a commission of 25% on all online course purchases!

We’ve made it so easy for you to be part of our affiliate program. Simply follow the steps below!

Step 1: Fill out this form with all the pertinent details. This will prompt an automated email so you can register for the course you plan on promoting.

Step 2: Media Packages. Start Sharing!
Once you are notified that your affiliate status has been activated, start sharing the course using the following media packages:

We’ve put together a list of ideas of how you might share.

Step 3: Get paid. We will automatically deposit your commission into your PayPal account the month after registration closes for the online course you are promoting. Example: registration for Sibling Conflict online course closes on June 30. All affiliates will receive their commission during the month of July.

Any questions along the way? Take a peek at our FAQs. If not there, email our publicist Elsie Rymer at