Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Break the Rules

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I grew up being really good at following rules.

As a child (and even as a young adult), I really struggled with having grace for people who either didn’t or couldn’t follow the rules. Kids who did poorly or misbehaved in school, my younger sister who was less “shiny” than I was, non-believers, or even people who just didn’t have it as “together” as I thought they should — I was outwardly humble, but inside I looked down on them with condescension and self-righteousness. Why couldn’t they just follow these simple rules?

How to Talk to Kids about Bad Words

Rebekah Schulz-Jackson Connected FamiliesAbout the Author: Rebekah Schulz-Jackson is the Content Manager at Connected Families — which means she makes sure that all CF’s written materials are full of good grammar and great storytelling. Rebekah is also Jim & Lynne’s daughter-in-law. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, Daniel (yes, THAT Daniel).

bad word cursing mom“Oh, shut up!” Lynne said (fairly playfully) at Jim in the banter after a staff meeting.

I blinked a minute, then turned to the person next to me. “Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Lynne say ‘shut up’ before. In my house, shut up was ‘The S-Word’.” (Yes, even though it’s really two words.)

This sparked a conversation among the staff about our respective families and what words were or weren’t permitted.