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Learn more about Corporate SponsorsConnected Families has been encouraging and supporting parents since 2002. Co-founders Jim & Lynne Jackson developed a simple parenting framework  – steeped in spiritual wisdom – that has impacted families around the world. The growing Connected Families team now reach parents through online content, printed content, online courses, live workshops, and parent coaching.

All outreach to parents is positioned as freely as practical. Parents are invited, but not required, to “pay it forward” by making donations in exchange for various resources. The end result? Stronger families, stronger communities, and little by little, a better world!

So far, the development, production, and marketing costs exceed revenues brought in. In the ultra-cluttered world of cheap and free online resources, we keep seeking to find the balance between charging for resources, and minimizing the barrier of payment for services.

Our goal: Millions of parents deeply changed and their kids sent into the world full of character, wisdom, responsibility, and authentic faith.

Three simple steps to becoming a sponsor at Connected Families. 

  1. Review the partnership options below
  2. Contact Executive Director Anna Braasch at to discuss the best option for your business or organization.
  3. Send Anna a short description to be added to our sponsor page.

Two ways to give:

  • Donate Here using your credit card.
  • Send a check to our office at 566 Bavaria Lane – Chaska, MN 55318

$600 per year:

  • Your company will be acknowledged on our sponsor page.
  • We’ll link to the sponsor page on our weekly newsletter, reaching 13,000 families.

$1200 per year:

  • At the bottom of two emails throughout the year, we will feature your logo and your company.
  • You can purchase additional weeks at $600 per week.

$5000 or more to sponsor one of our online courses:

  • The Discipline That Connects course is our flagship offering. Parents going through this course report radical changes. Our practical equipping is based on the idea that misbehavior presents parents an opportunity like no other to either build up or tear down their kids. The six session course lays out a strategy and faith-based way of gracefully and wisely disciplining kids to grow in skills, character, wisdom and faith
  • The Entitlement course confronts the problem of over-coddling and producing weak and spoiled children. The four sessions briefly explore how it happens, and then lays out a powerful, Biblically informed anti-dote of blessing and purpose.
  • Sibling Conflict online course gives kids a way to mend a broken relationship and make things right with each other. Rather than a forced apology, The Peace Process teaches kids how to reconcile well.