Can Kids Learn Patience?

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patience - child waiting - hands together

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8


What would your child do if you left him or her alone in a room with a fluffy, tempting white marshmallow (or other tempting treat)?

The answer may have a lot to say about your child’s success in life. In a Stanford University study, a group of four-year-olds were each given a marshmallow. They were promised a second one IF they could wait for several minutes without eating the first one.

Brace Yourself – It’s Coming!!

Kids are already (or soon will be) plotting their Christmas lists, whether the benefactor is Santa, parents, or a generous Grandma. Children are not alone in this quest – the media has been implementing well-researched goals and strategies to support kids in this noble endeavor of getting lots of cool stuff for Christmas.

girl with stack of presentsBetween now and December 24th, the average American child will view approximately 4,800 commercials!
Does this affect their perception of what they just gotta have for Christmas? Absolutely. Research shows that when parents denied children’s requests for products, children who were heavy TV viewers argued about the purchase more than twice as much as light viewers! Whew, another good reason to “tame the tube” in our homes this holiday season!

But that’s just a small aspect of what it takes to move our children toward solid, non-materialistic values in life. What’s needed is a proactive vision on the part of the parents about how possessions serve their big picture vision about family. If there is no vision, instead of owning our possessions, they may “own” our family.