“For the first time we felt understood!”

tired parent dad 2Max and Cindy were hurting and frustrated.

They were looking forward to the day when their oldest daughter would one day leave the house and wasn’t a daily “problem” any more. And frankly they were just hoping for the best until that day came.

When they found us, Max and Cindy — who are also full time missionaries in an Asian country — were feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of parenting. As they put it, “We had piles of recommended Christian books and the more we read and failed, the more discouraged we became.”

Through the generosity of donors, we at Connected Families had the technology and the staff time available to “meet” with them and conduct real-time video conference coaching. Max recently sent this testimonial:

The challenges of living on the mission field with out-of-control kids was more than we could bear. God brought you guys along at just the right time to keep us from giving up.

Your coaching and then the online course were the lifeline we needed. For the first time we felt understood, realistically equipped, and encouraged. You gave us permission to struggle and even helped us see the good in it. We are still learning and failing daily but we’re are on the same page and we both feel that we have the tools we need.

Nearly every day we hear from parents who are discouraged and frustrated and feel like they are at the end of their parenting rope. God has called us to minister to families through free content, live workshops, online courses, and coaching here in the United States and around the world. Your partnership with us makes that possible!

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