How to become a more peaceful, confident parent

Parenting is tough these days. And parents seem to be trying harder than ever to get it right.

You read books as time allows. You stay up, sometimes for hours, researching articles on the internet. You give it everything you’ve got. You see glimpses of progress, but you continue seeing the same issues, the same misbehavior, the same fights repeat themselves over and over again — maybe even growing slowly more troublesome. And you know your family is capable of so much more.

You just can’t seem to get there.

Lynne and I were stuck in this same place. The more we tried to do what the books taught, the more frustrated we became at our inability to get it right. So, we dug deeper, and came to understand a way to think about parenting that goes much deeper than just “be the parent,” or “demand obedience.” Since 1992, we’ve paid close attention in our own family (and thousands of other families through our work) to what it takes to turn things around! Based on that experience, we’ve been teaching and coaching parents to get unstuck. And they are being transformed!

But we can’t teach in-person with all the parents who want to learn this approach. So we’ve packed our 50 years of combined experience with real parents and real challenges into a six-session online course that can help you get “unstuck” too! The approach we teach is what one parent called, “a lasting fix!”

You’ll learn a powerfully different, and easy to remember way to think about parenting. We can say this with confidence because we’ve seen it positively transform thousands of families.

Join us and hundreds of other parents around the globe by signing up for our fall 2017 session of the Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart online course.

If your goal is to become a more peaceful, confident parent, here is how to get started:

  1. Sign up
  2. Take the course
  3. Be transformed!

We’ve watched this course completely change how people think about the way they parent — and this includes ALL types of families from single parent families, to families formed through adoption, to blended families, and more.

During our years of practice, we’ve worked with families who are experiencing significant trauma, as well as those who have the typical family disagreements. No matter what the circumstance, we’ve seen parent after parent learn to confidently approach their children with a deeper sense of purpose and calling.

We’ve watched dads with significant anger issues learn how to discipline calmly and safely. We’ve seen the “aha” moments in the eyes of moms who finally realize that the messages they were trying to send, and the messages their kids were receiving were worlds apart. We see moms and dads grow in unity as parents as they join each other in their key parenting goals.

If you put the time, energy and work into this online course, the transformation possibilities are endless. When you finish our six-session online course, you’ll finally know:

  • how to identify and change the hidden thoughts that are increasing your frustration and disconnection with your child.
  • what’s happening in your child’s brain (and yours) that often spirals discipline out of control.
  • practical tools to help you stop nagging and yelling.
  • how to recognize the presence of God in even the nastiest of discipline challenges.
  • how to identify the strengths your kids are using to misbehave, and guide them toward better purposes.
  • the powerful key to motivating your child to want to do the right thing.
  • a practical, biblical framework to help you think on your feet as you bring God’s grace and truth to everyday discipline challenges.

Many parenting resources will tell you all you need to do is follow a formula to raise well-behaved kids. But here’s the reason the Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart approach stands out: Your children are so much more than just problems to be managed, or controlled. They are miracles, born in God’s image to be a blessing to the world! And you have more significance than anyone in their lives to help them understand this, and act accordingly. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental shift needed to help your kids understand this, and learn the wisdom needed to grow as God’s children.

Simply stated, you’ll learn to shift away from the primary goal of getting good behavior, and toward the goal of mentoring solid biblically-based identity, even (especially!) when you discipline your kids!  

When you learn to make this shift, you will begin seeing dramatic and lasting change in both you and in your kids.

The frustrating merry-go-round of nag, whine, punish, and repeat will grind to a halt. You’ll become more peaceful and confident. You’ll connect with your children in a whole new way, while building long term change for your family.

If this sounds like the kind of parent you want to be, then Join us. We’re excited to walk along side you in your parenting journey.