Parents all over the world have reached out to tell us how Connected Families has impacted their families. Here’s what they have to say.

Connected Families Framework

This is exactly what I knew parenting could be… disciplining your kids in LOVE! -Kimberly

The Connected Family framework helped us determine to connect with our kids no matter what … The framework has been the “ballast” in our boat to get us righted when we struggle… Thank you for the impact of that parenting class – eight years ago! -Steve, Dad from Texas

The parenting model that Connected Families teaches is so life-giving and wonderful that there have been many times I personally felt healing in my own heart over the negative parenting I was raised with simply by hearing [Jim or Lynne] say encouraging things as an example! Since I did not hear much encouragement as a kid or receive understanding in my mistakes, I had little exposure to someone affirming a kid no matter what they did. Hearing how it can work gives me the base to work from to extend to my own kids the gift of understanding, safety, and God’s grace in a fresh way.  -Christine, mom of four adolescents and young adults

I truly believe that I have never seen anything that so thoughtfully melds solid scriptural doctrine with sound psychological principles. This is a resource of pure parenting and teaching gold. -Warren Watson, Clinical Psychology Director

I feel so affirmed to keep going, even when it is hard. To keep loving, keep loving, keep loving. -C & P

As a new mom I am eager to break the cycle of performance-based love and affection that hindered my own sense of worth as a child. I spend a lot of time thinking about parenting and how I can equip my son to be confident in the knowledge that he is a dearly loved child of God! I so appreciate the model that you have developed. I look forward to learning more as I read through your book. Thank you for your work & ministry. It is a blessing! -Miriam

I grew up with an angry mom who just punished but did not do much teaching or instruction. I have been committed to be more loving and thoughtful, but until now I have been grasping at trying to do this. … I am thankful for the calmer house we have because of the biblical principles being taught here! -Lisa

Books and Resources

This is the parenting message I’ve been waiting for! When you read Jim and Lynne’s book you think to yourself, “This is the kind of parent I have always wanted to be, but never had the tools I needed to do it.” -John

I get lots of email blogs in my inbox. Connected Families is the one I make sure I always read! It is practical and insightful every time. -Eileen Dirks, Director of Children’s Ministry at Lakewood Evangelical Free Church, Baxter, MN

Your book and training is life changing—it is unlike anything I have experienced before. Thanks so much. -Steven

I was so moved after hearing the Jacksons speak at our group, that I read their book, How to Grow a Connected Family, cover to cover that afternoon! While we still have some challenges with our very sensitive, intense daughter, we have made great strides with her, and can now confidently say that we have a deep and connected relationship with her. -Kristin

I thoroughly appreciate your emails with tips and I have your books. I am gaining so much. I needed the re-framing of my mind towards disciplining with the goal of connection. -Kerry

This material is BRILLIANT! It equips parents with a concrete, easy to learn framework for flexible, creative parenting. What a spiritually smart system! Jim and Lynne’s practicality and authenticity simply ooze of God’s grace. -Charlene Ann Baumbich, author of twelve books including Don’t Miss Your Kids, and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

I really love the updates that I get in my e-mail and on Facebook. It has really helped shape how I think about parenting and discipline. I grew up in a non-Christian home, with parents that we doing the best they could after growing up in abusive, neglectful homes, but who didn’t really give much thought to how they parented other than trying to avoid being abusive or neglectful. So I feel like I (like many people) don’t really have a model of what Christ-focused parenting looks like. Until now. I have searched for different perspectives on Christian parenting but was always uncomfortable with a focus on rigid discipline that seemed to have obedience as the goal. But you are teaching me to connect with my children in Christ-like ways that develop their individual character. The approach creates a safe, calm, peaceful, firm, respectful mindset and home atmosphere. -Jenn, mom from Brookings, SD


I’ve read many parenting books and gone to classes, Christian and non-Christian, and by far this is the one that ties everything together and just feels right in my spirit. I see it applying to my interactions with other adults also. -Jenelle

After we steeped for over two years as a couple in the Connected Families philosophy, my son woke me up early on a Saturday and told me this: “Mommy, you have really changed in the way you relate with us kids. Both you and Daddy have. When we were little you used to expect us to respond to you immediately and if we didn’t you were very fast to give us a punishment. Sometimes you’d send us to our rooms and we didn’t know why. Or we’d sit up there and just be mad or forget what happened. One time you sent me to my room and forgot me up there. I don’t think I learned anything from that. You’ve grown in understanding us, listening to us, working with us. You are for us. It’s helping us to grow.” -Michelle, mom of 5 school-aged and pre-school kids

The 4 Gospel messages that parents need to give their children, which you described to me, completely resonated with me and had a profound effect on my thinking and approach with my son over the past 5 days. There is already a huge world of difference in our household!! I shared those messages with my husband, who has also used them to change his approach. Almost overnight we have changed from stubborn and frustrated much of the time, to being very steady, supportive, loving and guiding. I think this is going to have a profound impact on the course of this year, if we can continue to follow these messages. -Kelly, mom of two pre-schoolers

Because of learning the four Connected Families messages I have become a much stronger mother. Usually, when it comes to kids’ responsibilities it is my nightmare because I prefer doing all the chores instead of fighting with them. Connected Families’ seminar taught me that the kids need to be taught about their responsibilities and that they are God’s workmanship and they can handle their responsibilities in good and respect-full way. Thank you for helping me understand that I can encourage a child to do their chores and be happy of doing so. -Irina, mom from Romania

Online Courses

We are constantly learning and relearning with our parenting. That’s why we really appreciate Connected Families. They give us a wealth of support we could never afford by working with us in a variety of ways, not a once covers all sort of deal. One of these ways was a conference call my wife and I got to be a part of regarding the online course we took. It was really helpful as review, and being able to hear a voice and tones kept things light-hearted and encouraging. It helps so much to be able to laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. We really enjoyed that we could do this in the evening in our pj’s too while we were on the call. Things were so casual! We are so thankful for the Connected Families team. They prepare, sacrifice, and coordinate, but it’s evident why they’re doing it and Who they are doing it for. CF is different. They model God’s Grace, Love and Hope like no other parenting help we have found. -Joel, dad of two elementary school-aged kids

I stumbled onto this site just yesterday, and haven’t left since. Such great tips and things to learn. I will become a better parent. Thank You!! -Kathy

After taking your online course, I had a major breakthrough with my eleven year old ADHD/ODD daughter. Instead of running away with fear and anger while she was spiraling out of control, God gave me courage and strength to move towards her and speak softly with compassion. We had a long conversation that was completely unlike anything we’ve ever had before. She actually broke down and sobbed – sorrowful for her own attitudes of entitlement!! I told her so much was my fault. I know there is a long road ahead of us, but I have hope for the first time since she was a toddler. Many people are praying for us – I think God is answering. I am grateful. -Natalie K


Our coach’s guidance has made a real difference in our daily lives. As a father, I’ve learned to appreciate the small accomplishments and seize the opportunities to build better relationships with my children. The experience [of coaching] has truly made me a better person. It has been well worth the investment in money and time. -Shane

Thank you Jim & Lynne for your work, prayer, and wisdom and sharing it with us so we can equip our family to have a powerful impact for His kingdom! We are so grateful! -Sarah & Jeff

Love this!! God has used CF to give me a new freedom to rely on the Spirit in my parenting!! Before I was so concerned to control their behaviors and use certain “parenting techniques/formulas” to “make” them obey me. I’ve experienced a new freedom in Christ to rely on the spirit to lovingly parent my daughters… something I never understood before! This has personally changed my own relationship with Christ! -Neleigh

I am SUCH a fan of Connected Families and the teaching you give us parents – it’s so biblically sound that it works on my spiritual journey as well as my parenting at the same time – Love it! -Patty, mom of two

As a mom of a 3 yr old and 1 yr old, I’ve been so inspired and impacted by your ministry. This is the type of parent I want to be–one that ultimately draws my child close to God! Thank you for your ministry and for the thoughtful and helpful insights you bring–they’re scriptural and practical and encouraging! I’m telling all my friends! -Liz, mom of two

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