Chad Hayenga

What Causes Power Struggles and How Can I Stop Them?

Recently CF co-founder Lynne Jackson sat down with Chad Hayenga, one of CF’s Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, to get his take on a common…


How to Make Family Meetings the Best MeetingsYour guide to family meetings

Family Meetings: just the words send some parents into a state of anxiety while kids yawn and get immediately distracted. But with a few simple guidelines, family meetings can be fun, build cooperation, unity, and even leadership skills!


What’s Your Child Really Saying?How I Created Connection with my Child's Heart

It was the first warm day of spring in Minnesota, which usually means MUD. The ground was still soggy from the snow melt, but the air was clean and fresh and the flowers were just beginning to peek through the soil. I was outside with two of our three kids…