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Seven Minutes of Powerful Parenting Wisdom

In this seven-minute video, Jim and Lynne share the “secret sauce” behind Connected Families — the framework that has transformed so many parents and changed...

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Seven Minutes of Life-Changing Parenting Wisdom

When it comes to raising your kids, we know how frustrating it can be to put your whole heart into it over the years and...

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An Early CF Video – Corny, Funny, but Totally Practical!

Have you ever gotten in a morning meltdown with your child? Have you ever witnessed a food-splosion in your kitchen? Have you ever been the...

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Why Do My Kids Misbehave to Get My Attention?

Recently, Connected Families Co-Founder Lynne Jackson sat down with Connected Families Coach Chad Hayenga to get his thoughts on why kids misbehave to get our attention...

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Helping Kids Deal with Trauma

Broken bones, scary surgeries, or moving to a new school — all these things can be traumatic experiences for kids to handle. How can parents...

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Video: Sensory Input Techniques to Calm and Focus your Child

Got a child with sensory sensitivity? Check out Lynne’s helpful therapy techniques to help calm and focus your child!   Sign up below to receive...

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