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Important dates

  • Course moderation begins October 2
  • Promote the course during the month of October
  • Registration closes Saturday, October 28, at midnight central.
  • All marketing will be taken off our website on Sunday, Oct 29 (we’d encourage you to do the same)
  • Affiliates are paid during the month of November
  • Course moderation ends December 15

Copy for Marketing

  • SWIPE COPY  We know that writing emails to your audience takes time and creativity, so we went ahead and wrote some copy that is yours to swipe! Please re-write however best fits your tone.
      Send this email anytime the week of September 25. It will create a little buzz about the course launching next week (October 2) and will begin generating some interest. Don’t expect a lot of people to pre-register. It is merely introducing the course to them and (for you!) making sure a cookie has been set on their computer with YOUR affiliate information.
    • Send this email anytime the week of October 2. It will let people now that the course is now open and they access the course material anytime. Remember to make the content your own, change phrasing, add your own stories, delete sections, etc. Your audience wants to hear from YOU!
    • Send this email anytime the week of October 9 or 16th. You’re audience has heard from you a couple times and it might be time to remind them again of this offer. Remember to take a few minutes and personalize the content.
    • Send this email anytime the week of October 23, reminding your audience to register this week before registration closes at midnight on the 28th,
  • Use any course description and marketing copy from this course page (but be sure not to link to that page, because you want your audience using your custom affiliate link to register!).
  • Use any of this Press Kit page if you want any bios or other basic marketing resources (bio photo below)

Images for Marketing

Feel free to use this handy folder of images for your marketing purposes. Don’t see the size you need? Email Elsie Rymer directly to design a size at your request.

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