Frequently Asked Questions

for the Discipline that Connects Online Course

There are eight sessions of 30 minutes each that are pre-recorded and available to you on your schedule! This means that you can take it day or night and go through the course at the speed that works for you.

View our  Proposed Schedule Of Completion document. 

The eight sessions are streaming videos with reflection questions interspersed throughout. We highly encourage course participants to leave comments when taking the course but don’t require comments to move to the next session.

Each session takes 30 to watch the videos and 15 or 20 for reflection questions. Plan for an extra hour each week while the course is in session. 

Yes! We have a small group version just for you. To learn more about format and pricing, check out our small group page.

Please don't take a group through the course using your individual credentials. If you have more questions about this, contact us

We’ve found that those with the highest completion rate put each session on their calendar and treat it like any other appointment they can’t miss. Our suggestion is to schedule one session per week. This will keep the momentum going, but you also won’t feel overwhelmed.

Yes! Following an introductory session, in sessions two and three, you’ll begin to learn the brain science and gain tools for calming everyone down during conflict.

In session four you’ll gain tools for connecting with your child that takes the intensity out of kids’ defiance. In session five and six you’ll learn to coach your kids in ways that build wisdom for life. In sessions seven and eight you’ll learn to use effective consequences.

By the time you’re done you’ll be able to think far more clearly, biblically, and constructively in the face of daily challenges. You will experience more peace and confidence in your parenting.

The book Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart is very helpful as a resource but not necessary to complete the course. 

To encourage you to have this as a resource we do make a copy (either paperback or audio) available to you at a discounted rate.

The appendix of the book applies the 4 principles you'll be learning to these common parenting challenges: 

  • Messes
  • Chores
  • Poor Listening
  • Homework/Grades
  • Screen Time
  • Mornings
  • Meals
  • Transitions/Leaving
  • Bedtime
  • Whining
  • Defiance
  • Lying
  • Disrespect
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Aggression
  • Tantrums/Meltdowns

We continually hear how parents continue to refer back to the appendix over and over again! 

The course connects with multiple learning styles. There are written, visual, emotional and interactive portions of the course that engage the whole brain. This is the most effective way to assure learning.

It is much easier to share the experience with a spouse. At the end of a long day it’s more likely you'll sit back on the couch, watch, and reflect together rather than read a book together. 

It is also different because it is relational in two ways:

  1. You’ll feel like Jim & Lynne are right there with you. Their warmth and compassion come through powerfully. We think you’ll find this to be as personal as an online course can be.
  2. You’ll be interacting with others going through the course at the same time. In each session are several reflection questions that invite participants to share their learning with each other. 

While the principles taught in this course apply to all relationships, the specific examples and stories refer to kids ages 2 – 16. Parents have reported the principles apply well with older kids, grandkids, kids in the classroom, and even kids who have special needs such as ADHD, SPD, ASD, and attachment/trauma. So give it a whirl and if you feel like the course is not helpful to your family, just contact us during the first month for a full refund.  

Yes, this course is different! You’ll learn four basic biblical principles and be guided to uniquely apply those principles to you and your kids. As you grow into these principles you’ll grow in your unique ability to apply them. 

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Registration Questions

for the Discipline that Connects Online Course

Of course! In fact, we encourage it! Just have that person register separately. If finances are an issue, have them fill out the scholarship form. Please do not share your username and password with others.

You are welcome to share your username and password with a spouse or co-parent. If you've registered and would like a separate login for a spouse or co-parent we'd be happy to provide that for you! Just contact us for a code to register that person for free. 

Please do not share your login information with anyone else. 

We like to say “lifetime access” but that would imply all sorts of promises we may not be able to keep. Instead we say “ongoing access” which means as long as we are in ministry, and as long as we are providing this course material, you’ll have access to this course.

Once your session is complete you can always go back and watch the videos on the alumni version. You won’t be able to leave comments or have access to the moderator. 

You will also have the ability to register for future sessions with a free alumni code. You would not pay any registration fees although we always encourage our alumni to donate to Connected Families Scholarship Fund if possible.

We offer the course twice a year; in the fall (Oct/Nov) and in the winter (Feb/March). If you have lots going on right now and aren’t able to commit at this time, consider taking the course when we offer it at a later date. 

If you live in a rural area or have slow internet in the United States, contact us after you've purchased the course. We'll give you a link to then purchase a USB "thumb" drive with the video segments available. 

If you live in another country with poor internet, contact us and we'll try to figure out a solution based on your location. 

We are so excited that parents around the world are able to participate in this course! 

Two differences/hurdles if you live outside the United States:

  1. You'll need to download all elements of the welcome packet rather than have a welcome packet mailed to you.
  2. We gave three live Q & As scheduled at 8 pm central to make it most convenient for the majority of the parents. Depending on where you live, you might be fast asleep or at work!  You'll be able to access the video recordings.

If, due to currency exchange rates, the course is out of your budget, make sure to contact us for a full or partial scholarship.

We are able to provide certification that you registered and participated. You (or your board) would need to decide if it fits within your CEU guidelines.

Yes! Upon request we can provide a transcript of the entire course. Just contact us after registering. You can read along while the video is playing.

We realize that subtitles are ideal and our hope is to someday include subtitles on all our courses. 

Yes! If $119 is out of your reach, we offer options ranging from $89.25 or less based on your need. 

We want all parents, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-changing information. Learn more here. 

We sure do! 30% off for active or retired military.  Contact us to request the customized coupon code. 

  • Register by Monday, September 28, to receive a welcome packet in the mail by Tuesday, October 6th (if you live in the US and are new to the course).
  • Welcome packets will be mailed until we run out! 
  • Everyone, regardless of when you register or where you live, will receive digital downloads of everything in the welcome packet.
  • Content is released on October 6th
  • Finish one session a week from October 6th through the beginning of December. 
  • Participate in three live Q & As sprinkled throughout the course (October 26, November 16, December 7) or watch the replay after.

Since 2002 Connected Families founders Jim & Lynne Jackson have worked almost daily in the trenches with parents. Their discoveries have helped thousands of parents grow in skills and confidence.

The basic idea is this: When parents make a primary goal of getting their children to behave right, parents and kids generally become adversaries. But when parents learn to focus first on helping their children grow into healthy, biblically-based belief about themselves and the world, these parents become allies with their kids and gain great influence in their lives. So we equip parents with a new primary goal for discipline: one that positions them as allies instead of adversaries.

To get the full and best experience, we encourage you to register by September 28 to ensure you have the Welcome Packet in hand by October 6th

We will close registration on October 12th

If you register after the 6th and before the 12th, you can always catch up! However, we can’t ensure that you’ll receive a welcome packet in the mail. 

To be good stewards of our resources (and storage space) we print a finite number of welcome packets. Once we run out, we are out.

We'd encourage you to register as soon as you are able to make sure your welcome packet is mailed to your home by October 6th. After we are out, we'd ask that you download all the elements of the welcome packet. 

If you are an alum, you should have received an email with a special code for you to register for free.

Subject Line: Your Fall 2020 Alumni Access
Mailed on: September 1st
From: Anna Braasch - Executive Director

If you didn't, or can't find it, contact us and we'll get you a new code. 

We have three options available for course alum:

1.) Once you complete the online course, you'll be invited to participate in an ongoing private Facebook group with other alum. 

2.) We have private parent coaching at a discounted rate. 

3.) We have group coaching packages available to alum. 

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