Equipping Affiliates

Thank you for joining us as an affiliate for the online course! We want this experience to be as rewarding for you as possible.

Below you will find a list of ideas to get the word out about our course and your link. We do not require you to use any of these publicity options, but as you know, the more you can engage your audience, the more committed responses you will generate, and the greatest amount of revenue you will generate.


Take the Course Yourself
Your readers and listeners will trust your recommendation more if you can specifically reference the course and your feelings about it. Talk about it like a boss!

Write or Podcast a Review
People want to know what YOU thought of the course! In what ways did you really feel it was influential in your life and could be influential for others?

  • Build trust and be genuine with your thoughts about the online course in a review post or podcast.

Create a Private Facebook Group with a Moderator
Chances are that you are sharing our online course because you really care about people having amazing parenting resources. What better way to engage and support your readers or listeners by creating a private Facebook group around the course? This provides discussion opportunities. Yes, there is already an opportunity to discuss the course on our online course platform. However, this gives your readers and listeners the opportunity to engage more with YOU and YOUR resources.

  • Begin a private Facebook group
    • Hire a moderator (or moderate yourself, if you are available) to attend to questions and comments.
    • Use the poll feature and other engagement opportunities from Facebook.
    • If you are not the moderator, show up to the party every once in awhile to ask a question or offer a comment.


Social Media Shares
Basic social media shares using images and quotes provided by Connected Families can bring an audience to your blog post or podcast, or straight to your link. Up to you! Use all your pipelines:

  • Facebook (Boost your posts!)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Add Your Own Bonus or Incentive
We are all motivated by knowing we will receive an additional resource that makes life a little easier. Maybe you have a download or past podcast that is a great additional resource to the online course.

  • Search your available incentives or bonuses to add to the resource pile.

Use Pretty Links
Raw links aren’t generally the easiest to read or remember. Pretty Links is a free add on that will help you out to verbalize links on your podcast, or share anywhere.

  • Read this helpful article on how to use Pretty Links!
  • Contact Elsie if you want to test your pretty link to ensure usability.

Create Meaningful Calls to Action
After telling your tribe how great the course is and why they should take it, make sure to have clear call to actions such as: “Click on this link now so that you can experience the benefits of the online course by its registration deadline!”

  • Here’s an example of an unclear call to action: “Here’s the online course link…”
  • Or this is a non-call to action: “Thanks for visiting my page about the online course…” These are ineffective. Make the benefits clear and the timing urgent.
  • Read these excellent articles on Calls to Action!


Share the Affiliate Link on Your Resources Page
Many parents run to the resources page first. When we go to the Internet, it’s often because we have a question we want answered, and we want tools for our toolbox.

  • Share our images on your resource page for a clear call to action

Sidebar Banner Ads
Although you do not want to suffocate your readers with our Connected Families logo, finding a home for a sidebar banner is an easy way for someone to engage if they are visiting the website for the first time.

  • Use our images on your sidebar.


Know Your SEO!
The internet is basically the modern day Wild West. When people search for parenting resources, are they going to find you, or will they be met by some other online mastermind? SEO says whether or not this town is big enough for the two of us. Know your keywords.

  • Read this super helpful article on how to structure your SEO keywords without spending more money!
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a strong list of SEO keywords for parenting.

Just One Don’t!
DON’T put our images or a huge call to action in the middle of a blog post. This is jarring to the reader and makes them feel more marketed to than a genuine written article with links sprinkled in. Show them how you care. 🙂

Closing Thoughts
We are delighted to partner with you as you get the word out about the Discipline That Connects online course. Your success is our success, and ultimately, families’ success. Thank you for partnering with us!

Have questions? Contact our publicist Elsie Rymer!

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