Share your story with others

From Executive Director, Anna Braasch:

The very best marketing has always been word of mouth. I remember exactly where I was (my friend Tonya’s house) when I was sharing a story of complete frustration with my then five-year-old son to our group of close friends. My friend Amy said, “Have you checked out Connected Families? They might have resources that could help.”

I went home that day and ordered the self-published version of Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart. It arrived on a Saturday. The next day, I laid on my coach during a long Sunday afternoon nap time and (although I live for naps) I couldn’t put it down. That day was the beginning of profound change for me. I haven’t stopped talking about it since.

To help you think about how your influence might help other parents, here are five ideas you can use to let others know about Connected Families.

  1. When you receive our weekly email, you can click on any of the icons at the bottom of the email to automatically share within your favorite social media venue.

  2. When a friend (or stranger) is sharing a parenting frustration or concern, you can recommend Connected Families. If you email Lanell on our team ( she will even send you a stack of “spread the word” cards you can have at your disposal! (image below)
  3. Feeling brave? You can record a Facebook live or YouTube video about your Connected Families experience.

  4. If you are in a virtual or real parenting group, you can share your experience and recommendation in their private FB group (or however they communicate). 
  5. Share our free resources with your sphere of influence. Something simple like, “I read this free ebook on ____. It was really helpful.”

Our marketing dollars are limited! Our vision is that 1 million homes will be transformed by the Connected Families framework by 2025. It is only by God’s grace and goodness that this is possible. But we can join God where he is working!


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