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Join our “Parenting Your Sensitive & Intense Child” online course Launch Team!

As part of our Launch Team, you'll receive:

  • A 100% off coupon code to use (or share) to register for the "Parenting Your Sensitive & Intense Child" online course!
  • Early access to the course! You'll be able to register before it is released to the public!
  • The invitation to share testimonials, comments, and feedback that we can use for marketing purposes.
  • A live/online Q & A  with Lynne Jackson (course creator) and the rest of the Launch Team.

How to join our Launch Team:

  1. RSVP for our live/virtual event on July 27th from 7 to 7:30 PM CST. Participate as the busyness of life happens all around you!
  2. DONATE! While all donations are welcomed, we are suggesting a minimum donation of $150.
  3. DOUBLE your impact! All donations given before July 31st will be matched up to $10,000! You'll learn more about this generous family and why they have given this matching grant on July 27th.

30 Minutes - short and sweet!

  • Sitting on a sideline watching a kid's event?
  • Making dinner for the family?
  • Cleaning up from dinner?
  • Or (if you are on the other side of the world) making breakfast?

JOIN US! This will be short and sweet - only 30 minutes! Participate and engage as family life happens all around you.

What you can expect:

  • A conversation with Lynne Jackson about her motivation for producing this course
  • A short (5-minute) overview from Lynne about what she hopes the impact of this course will be
  • An interview with a couple whose family has been greatly impacted by parent coaching with Lynne
  • The story behind the family giving the $10,000 matching grant
  • Musical guest Rich Larson!

Why we are launching this course:

A large percentage of the parents in the Connected Families community have at least one child who might be described as “sensitive” or “intense.” Parents often see these extraordinary children more as a big challenge, or problem, than as a unique opportunity.

It's become clear that many parents explore our resources because of their “unique opportunity.” These parents find us, in large part, because of the transformational work of our co-founder Lynne Jackson, OTR, CLC (occupational therapist and certified life coach).

Thankfully, thousands of families are able to access the free resources Lynne has developed (like 60 Creative Ways to Get Kids Moving and Laughing). This leaves them wanting more. Sadly, due to Lynne’s time constraints (and the financial reality of families), only a small number of parents have been able to take advantage of Lynne’s coaching services. Until now!

We are SO excited that Lynne is in the process of turning her decades of real-life experience, into an online course with the proposed title, “Parenting Your Sensitive and Intense Child.” (Course to be released in 2022.) We plan to price this course in a way that makes it accessible to as many parents as possible. And, as always, we will provide no-questions-asked scholarships.

Join us on Tuesday, July 27 (7:00 to 7:30 pm CST) where you can learn more about this course and how your involvement on our Launch Team will make a huge impact! Your donation will make it possible to give life-giving, hope-filled content to parents around the world.

Questions you might have:

Ultimately it’s up to you to work this out with a tax professional. We know that generally speaking, if you donate but also receive benefit from the donation, it is not deductible unless the donation exceeds the value of the benefit received. We are projecting a suggested donation amount of $180 for the course, so only gifts larger than $180 would be deductible. Again, a tax professional can confirm your specific situation.

Like all of our planned projects, we commit, by faith, to complete them regardless of funding. If the money is not raised we will have less funds to work with for future projects.

Midyear gifts always encourage us. That said, this fundraiser is designed to generate gifts over and above standard giving.