How To Grow a Connected Family (book)


If you’re like most parents you sail along until things aren’t working and then look for quick solutions. You search online or talk to someone about strategies and put the strategies in place and maybe they work for a bit. Then, a few days or weeks later, it’s something else and you do it all over again as the vicious cycle continues.

But have you ever noticed the occasional parent that seems to stay a step ahead? These parents stay mostly peaceful in conflict with kids and seem to have a special touch when there is trouble.

In How to Grow a Connected Family:

  • you’ll find profound grace and truth for parenting that transcends the typical “how to” approaches found in so many Christian parenting books.
  • you’ll learn to rethink how you see yourself as a parent.
  • you’ll better understand how the way you were parented may or may not help you be the parent you want to be.
  • most importantly, you’ll develop a vision for how to stay well-connected to your kids through all developmental phases, and even when they misbehave.

If you’re ready for more than a “quick fix” guide to parenting, this book will give you practical ideas for how to weave God’s grace and truth into the fabric of every-day life with your children. 

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Suggested items:
$12 – How to Grow a Connected Family “My Response” Workbook/Journal
$25 – How to Grow a Connected Family combo pack (Book & Workbook)
$15 – How to Grow a Connected Family Small Group Leader’s Guide

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