Parent with confidence

learn to lead your family with grace

Do you feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your parenting? And perhaps you even feel disconnected from your children? Reverse the trend starting today. It is possible to parent peacefully, and connect with your children even in the midst of discipline.

Our team provides biblically-based live and virtual mentoring that brings hope to your family.



Become a more confident parent who leads with love and grace.



Deepen your relationship by getting on the same parenting page.



Raise kids who connect well relationally and spiritually.

Since 2002 parenting has been our only focus. By journeying with parents in every sort of situation we’ve seen thousands of families transformed.

Ready to give your parenting a boost of confidence?

Here's how you can get started:

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    Download the ebook “4 Messages Every Child Longs to Hear”

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    Watch the transformation take place in your family


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