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Meet Our Team

We help you lead with grace.

The team at Connected Families wakes up every day to care for, inspire, and equip parents to receive and pass on God’s grace and truth by imparting a biblical, memorable and transformational framework for parenting. This committed team pours itself into helping you parent with confidence and lead with grace.

Executive Team

Jim Jackson

In 1993 while working with high-risk teens, I thought, “What if we could help their parents?” That thought became a passionate pursuit and, in 2002, a career. What a joy it’s been to partner with my best friend and wife to care for, encourage, and equip parents around the world! To stay refreshed for this work, I connect with our kids, explore the outdoors, and golf. And I love traveling with Lynne! Read more here.

Jim Jackson

President, Co-Founder, & Visionary

Anna Braasch

I joined the team in 2013, excited to lead and grow a ministry that was so vital to my own parenting journey, which has included infertility, adoption, attachment wounds, and loads of grace and healing. I’ve been married to my best friend, Grant, for 25 years. We have two fabulous teens and a Goldendoodle named Fozzie. I enjoy gardening, listening to audiobooks, biking, and organizing closets. Read more here.

Anna Braasch

Executive Director & Integrator

Connected Families runs on EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System), where the Visionary/Integrator Duo creates Rocket Fuel. Learn more about EOS and our EOS Implementer, Joel Swanson. Stacy, Chad, and Lynne make up the balance of the Leadership Team. They all bring their years of experience and their strong desire to build healthy homes and Christ-centered families.

Leadership Team

Stacy Bellward

I joined Connected Families to moderate the Discipline That Connects online course. That grew into many roles, including podcast host and social media development. My Scottish husband and I have been married for 22 years, and have two girls in college.

Stacy Bellward

Director of Engagement

Chad Hayenga

I joined Connected Families in 2005. I am married to Carma and have three adult daughters and two sons-in-law. I oversee coaching and the Parent Coach Certification Program, which continues to grow in its reach across North America and worldwide. Read more here.

Chad Hayenga

Director of Education & Equipping

Lynne Jackson

I’ve been working with parents for over 30 years! Because of how stressed I was when parenting three intense young kids, I love applying God’s word to the messes of family life and using my training as an occupational therapist to help other parents in their challenges. Read more here.

Lynne Jackson

Co-Founder & Content Creator

Team Members

Some members of our team are permanent employees, and others work with us on a contract basis, all ranging from 5 – 32 hours a week. Regardless of employment status or hours, each member brings their full heart, skills, and energy toward serving the parents in the Connected Families Community.

chris scaled

I was introduced to Connected Families’ in 2015. With 7 kids, I appreciate all the help and encouragement! I love to help organizations grow their mission and donor base through marketing. I help other parents find Connected Families by managing our Google search campaigns. Read more.

Chris Barlow

Marketing Specialist

Jen Berge

Since 2014, CF has been a game-changer for our family while parenting our six kids (by birth and adoption). Since 2017, I’ve been honored to bring Christ-centered content to parents through my role as Content Manager.  I enjoy exercising, sporting events, and spending time with my husband of over 20 years.

Jen Berge

Content Manager

Jacquie Danz

I was introduced to Connected Families over 13 years ago when my two daughters were toddlers. Now I’m part of the team working to bring quality online courses to you. I love to explore coffee shops with my husband, read anything I can get my hands on, and spend time with my lovely teenage daughters.

Jacquie Danz

Production Assistant

Sarah Donatelle

My husband, Jeff, and I met as toddlers in our church nursery. I am currently in my dream job as a mom to five through birth and adoption. I revel in the opportunity to support and encourage other families through moderating the DTC Alumni Facebook group and online course moderation.

Sarah Donatelle

Community Engagement

Heidi Eaton

My family has experienced the transformational power of Connected Families messages, and I love being on this team spreading hope and intention to other parents. I have 3 children and have been married for 19 years. I love spending time in nature and baking.

Heidi Eaton

Communications Assistant

Heather Lennox

As a mom to six kids under the age of 10, I will be the first one to admit I have no idea what I’m doing. I was first drawn to Connected Families as a recovering perfectionist desperate for a little grace in my parenting and my children. What a relief to have found it! And now I get to share it on social media.

Heather Lenox

Social Media Manager

Alice Lo

I started working with Connected Families in June 2021, after raising and homeschooling three children. Being a part of the Connected Families team enables me to reach out to Chinese families and bring more depth and width to my lifelong passion of touching lives for Christ!

Alice Lo

Chinese Resources Coordinator

Sara McNutt

My husband Jason and I have been blessed with four children through birth and adoption. I feel most fulfilled when I am investing in the church body by using my gifts and abilities. My favorite things are coffee, deep conversations, and exploring new places.

Sara McNutt

Executive Assistant

Sharon Meschke

I joined Connected Families in 2011 and am responsible for the bookkeeping, payroll, and HR functions of the organization. I enjoy supporting the team behind the scenes. I have 4 adult children and a daughter-in-law that I love spending time with.  I also enjoy biking, crafting, road trips, and coffee with friends.

Sharon Meschke

Financial Administrator

Lanell Plath

I work on the parent coaching side of things, overseeing the user experience and supporting coaches in the certification program. I also enjoy working as the church relations liaison and fundraising assistant. My husband and I have raised two amazing kids that have left the nest.

Lanell Plath

Equipping & Education Manager

Lydia web res 1 of 1

I am an RN turned parent coach to families with young kids, especially those who have sensory needs or developmental trauma. Our family lives in Iowa, where we enjoy homeschooling our two kids, outdoor activities, and reading lots of books. Read more.

Lydia Rex

Parent Coach

Karla Riker

I have enjoyed a twenty-year career in philanthropy, working on behalf of healthcare, education, and ministry organizations, and for AT&T in Corporate Social Responsibility. I live in Atlanta with my husband and son.

Karla Riker

Fundraising Consultant

Kara 2 1

I want Connected Families to be the first resource that pops up when you go to Google for a parenting challenge. I love thinking through your experience on our sites. I am also a mom to four young kids, live in Thailand in a cross-cultural marriage, am a pastor’s wife, and like to bake bread.

Kara Skarda

SEO & Content Strategist

Optimized Thetford Bio Picture

We have four children and are Certified CF Parent Coaches, as well as instructors for coaches-in-training. We are passionate about multiplying the gospel by helping families transform power struggles and conflicts into opportunities for gospel messages.

Alan & Corrie T

Parent Coach Instructors

Katie wetsell

I am a Certified CF Parent Coach from Nashville, TN, where I am raising four kids with my husband. I am also a pediatric nurse with training in helping parents support kids through anxiety. You might engage with me in the comments of the Discipline That Connects online course.

Katie Wetsell

DTC Course Moderator

Additional Certified Parent Coaches

Check out the worldwide community of other Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches.

Board Members

These faithful members use their skills and knowledge to guide Connected Families toward long-term health. If you are interested in using your professional experience as part of the board, contact us!


Suz brings over 20 years of experience in leadership coaching, team/group effectiveness, change management, organizational design/succession, and talent management. She has served on multiple boards and coached both organizations and families. Suz and her husband have three children, who give Suz ample opportunity to put her parenting coach certification to good use. She also enjoys cooking, fitness, reading, traveling, and volunteering.

Suz Feely


Robert Mitchell

Robert and his wife were introduced to Connected Families after their first child was born at a pivotal time in their family. They were drawn to an approach to parenting that was in line with God’s heart for their children and different from how they had been parented. They have seen the fruit of parenting through the Framework seven years and four additional children later. Robert feels blessed to serve as treasurer on the board and sees it as a meaningful opportunity to share his gifts and abilities.

Robert Mitchell



Dave has been married for over 30 years and has 2 amazing boys who were adopted from Russia. He has been a champion of Connected Families since its founding. Dave has worked in a diverse set of consulting environments and has over 40 years of experience helping clients respond to changing realities. He has served on multiple non-profit Boards and gets excited when given the chance to think strategically. When not working, he enjoys doing projects with his boys, being with his 4 dogs, swimming, and sailing.

Dave Scouler

Board Chair


Michael has been a dedicated advocate for Connected Families since attending a workshop by Jim and Lynne at his church when his three children were elementary age. He has served on multiple non-profit boards, working vocationally in operations strategy and planning. Michael and his wife have been married for over 25 years. He enjoys teaching, traveling, and volunteering.

Michael Stewart


Trevor Thurling

With over 15 years of experience helping multinational companies identify and manage foreign currency risks, Trevor is a strategic thinker who leverages the power of human connections to build deeper relationships. He is a vocal proponent of the Connected Families Framework, having experienced the impact on his own family firsthand. Trevor and his wife Stephanie live with their three elementary-aged children. He enjoys attending his kids’ activities and traveling.

Trevor Thurling

Member, Fundraising Committee Chair

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