Parenting Is Tough

Online parenting class designed to tone down the chaos and create a more peaceful home.

That’s Discipline That Connects.

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Parent on the same page

Improve your relationship with your child

Lead with love, not fear or anger

Nothing is working

The way you were raised and traditional advice just aren’t working. You’ve read the books and scoured the internet.

We get it. You feel overwhelmed, confused, and maybe even guilty.

You are fighting for your children. Why does it feel like they are fighting against you?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, and guilty?

  • Stop yelling and fighting
  • Stop regretting your actions
  • Stop missing out on the joys of parenthood

Our oldest was out of control. We tried so many things, and none of it worked. At our wits end, we signed up for Discipline that Connects. Our days are calmer now and there are far fewer tantrums. I no longer feel like I’m walking on eggshells to avoid setting off my child.

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Mom of 2

Discipline that Connects didn’t just give me more to do, and set me up for failure (like other parenting approaches). This course provided guidance and tools to be a loving, empowered, calm parent.

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Mom of 4

We now have confidence as we parent TOGETHER. We’re now on the same page and have practical tools for parenting in a way that is biblical, grace-filled, and gospel-centered.

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Sarah & Jeff

Parents of 4

Your instructors

Jim & Lynne Jackson

Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of families use this simple framework, based on biblical principles AND brain science.

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How it works

Participate in the 8 sessions

Eight 30-minute on-demand videos, plus discussion prompts, live Q & As, and weekly reminder emails.

Practice the 4 messages

Spend time between sessions implementing what you’ve learned.

Watch grace unfold

As you are intentional about the messages you send, the tone of your family will change forever.

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart

At Connected Families, we know that parenting is tough, and you need help. The problem is traditional parenting advice isn’t working. It’s causing anger and damaging your relationship with your child.

Which makes you feel overwhelmed, guilty, and maybe even ashamed. You’ve read every book, scoured the internet, and reached your limit. We understand. It’s so hard, but you’re not alone. Thousands of parents have found hope using this simple framework based on biblical principals AND brain science.


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What’s included?

8 sessions that will change your parenting

  • Session 1: A Fresh Perspective on Discipline
  • Session 2: You Are Safe with Me – What’s Going on in Me?
  • Session 3: You Are Safe with Me – Keep Discipline on Track
  • Session 4: You Are Loved No Matter What!
  • Session 5: You Are Called and Capable – Discover and Affirm Capability
  • Session 6: You Are Called and Capable – Grow Skills and Wisdom
  • Session 7: You Are Responsible for Your Actions
  • Session 8: All Four Messages Working Together

3 live Q&A sessions

During the course, there will be three live Q&A sessions with Connected Families coaches where you can get YOUR questions answered. 
Scheduled dates for the fall 2022 session are:
Monday, October 24
Monday, November 14
Monday, December 5

Each of these Q&A sessions are recorded and available later for your review. 

Freedom to do the course at your own pace

To allow the course material to sink in, we encourage students to complete one session per week with a suggested schedule in mind. However, you are always able to work ahead! 

Access to the course moderator

An online course moderator will answer your questions and support your experience while the course is in session.

Weekly emails

Each Tuesday you’ll receive an email encouraging and supporting you in your journey. You can reply to any of these emails to get in touch with us. 

***IMPORTANT: if you are not receiving these weekly emails you likely registered using an incorrect email address. Contact us right away at [email protected] to troubleshoot.*** 

Access to private Facebook group

All DTC alum who complete the course are invited to participate in a PRIVATE moderated Facebook group. 

Lifetime access to the course

Go back and review the material as often as needed. Comments are no longer visible and moderation is no longer provided when the course is not in session. But you will have ongoing access to the video content. 

Money back guarantee

If you find that this course is not for you, simply contact us during your first month for a full refund.

Certificate of completion

Upon request, we will supply you with a certificate of completion which might be helpful if you are in the adoption or foster care process or are a childcare provider. 


NEW to the course? Live in the United States?

Register early to ensure you’ll receive your Welcome Packet by the time the course starts!

  • Discounted audio download of the DTC full-length book
  • $2 discount code on the DTC paperback book
  • A workbook to keep your notes and ideas handy
  • Application Cards to have easy reminders of what you’ve learned
  • Framework magnet to be kept in a visible place for quick access
  • 5×7 printed syllabus with proposed completion dates
  • 8 x 10 word art of four messages
  • Scripture memory cards that support each session
  • 20% off coupon for a friend to join the online course
Alumni or live outside the United States?

You will receive digital downloads of the following:

  • Discounted audio download of the DTC full-length book
  • $2 discount code on the DTC paperback book
  • A digital workbook to keep your notes and ideas handy
  • Printable Application Cards for easy reminders
  • Printable PDF of the CF framework
  • Printable 5×7 syllabus with proposed completion dates
  • Printable 8 x 10 word art of four messages
  • Printable scripture memory cards that support each session
  • 20% off coupon for a friend to join the online course

Something has to change

This chaos can’t be what God wants for your family. Start the change today.


suggested donation

Need-based scholarships available

If $119 out of your budget, we offer options ranging from $89.25 or less. We want all parents, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-changing course.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Read through our very thorough FAQ page. If your question isn’t answered there, please contact us!

While you wait…

Download and read our free guide: Four Messages Every Child Longs to Hear

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