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Sensitive & Intense Kids

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child who is ‘sensitive’ or ‘intense’ is even harder! You don’t have to go through this alone.

Sensitive & Intense Kids

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child who is ‘sensitive’ or ‘intense’ is even harder! You don’t have to go through this alone.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Why does my child have such big outbursts?
  • Why does life seem harder for this child?
  • Why is my child so sensitive?
  • Why do I end up in so many power struggles with this child?

If you have, you are in the right place

We’ve worked with countless parents who have said (or thought) statements about their sensitive kids such as…

  • “I am at my wits’ end! I don’t understand why my child is acting this way!”
  • “Daily life feels chaotic and unpredictable.”
  • “I know that how I react isn’t helping! But I don’t know what to do.”
  • “This child is disrupting the whole family.
  • “I have such negative feelings towards this child, and I feel awful about that.” 
  • “If we don’t get this figured out now, I am worried about my child’s future.”
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“I am just immensely thankful for every part of the Sensitive and Intense Kids online course. It brought encouragement, an action plan, and ideas to last a lifetime! The content is clear, detailed, full of examples, explanations, and hope. SO MUCH HOPE!”


Mom of 3 in Iowa

Here’s what to expect in the course:

A 7-session online course to equip you to parent well


Registration always open
Ongoing video access

video access only
$ 140 .00

Scholarships available.

7 practical and life-changing sessions:
  1. Why Is My Child Struggling?
  2. Healing Responses for Conflicts & Outbursts
  3. Our Framework Applied to Sensitive, Intense Kids
  4. How Does Sensory Function Affect Behavior?
  5. Sensory and Movement Strategies
  6. Attachment, Play, and Healing Shame
  7. Equip Kids to Regulate Energy and Emotions

Small Group

Registration always open
Ongoing video access

Sensitive & Intense Kids small group
$ 55 .00

Per household. Minimum of 3 households.

7 practical and life-changing sessions:
  1. Why Is My Child Struggling?
  2. Healing Responses for Conflicts & Outbursts
  3. Our Framework Applied to Sensitive, Intense Kids
  4. How Does Sensory Function Affect Behavior?
  5. Sensory and Movement Strategies
  6. Attachment, Play, and Healing Shame
  7. Equip Kids to Regulate Energy and Emotions
  • Ongoing course access for each member of your small group
  • Small group leader guide to empower you to facilitate a productive small group
  • Promotional materials to help with marketing
  • Discussion questions for productive conversations

Looking to join an existing group? Check here!

Extras included in both versions

  • Ongoing access to a vibrant community in our private Facebook group
  • Printable PDF course workbook
  • Bonus: Soul Care for Parents videos 
  • Bonus: Tricky Worry: How To Help Your Anxious Child (video with licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Ann Layne)
  • A complete Pressure Touch Program developed by occupational therapist, Lynne Jackson, with detailed instructions and parent demonstrations
  • Printable PDF sensory workbook to guide you step-by-step to experiment with sensory-motor activities and develop a routine to help your child feel less stressed and more regulated throughout the day. 
  • Bonus: Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life – video and written resources to equip you for bedtime, screens, picky eating, and chores with your sensitive, intense child
  • Bonus: Sibling conflict resource 
  • Printable PDF activity book with over 10 fun activities (including cartoons) to complete with your kids, to encourage them and teach new concepts.
  • Plus, dozens more newly created resources

“I appreciated the mix of science, faith, and daily life. There were a lot of practical ideas and the soul care videos were just so life-giving and encouraging! I desperately needed the practical help that this course provided.” – Lyssa

Join a Virtual Small Group

You may not have lots of other parents around you who experience the same challenges you have as a parent. If you are seeking the support of a small group with a trained guide and an encouraging community, consider joining a virtual or an in-person small group!

  • Facilitated by a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach.
  • Different groups with different focuses and times.
  • Connect with a coach and other parents who “get it”.

You might be wondering… Why this course?

Does your sensitive, intense child’s level of anxiety or anger have you worrying about what the next ten years will look like? Or maybe your family is just barely even surviving through the next outburst. And you know it’s taking a toll on your other kids, too. It all seems so overwhelming. We don’t offer you promises or perfection. What we do offer you is something very unique, a course that is:

  • Full of brain science and research in psychology, sensory function, and child development to give insight into your child’s intense reactions.
  • Trauma-sensitive, as well as adoption and foster care experienced.
  • Grounded in biblical insights – It is grace-filled and shame-healing!
  • Refreshing for you – It includes Christ-centered soul care resources to strengthen you for this challenging journey. 
  • Relatable – In each session numerous parents share their video stories about challenges with sensitive, intense kids and what helped. You’ll feel like they become your friends as you go through the course. 
  • Practical, practical, practical! Includes a broad range of doable strategies and even some demos of parents working with their kids! 
  • Comprehensive – There is an extensive menu of extra resources to fit your unique situation such as siblings, selective eating, screens, bedtime, chores, and many more topics.
  • Encouraging for your child – includes fun coloring pages and creative learning activities you can do together.
  • Applicable within a range of diagnoses (ASD, SPD, ADHD, ODD, etc.) or for a sensitive, intense child with no diagnosis.

“There are other courses that will tell you how to deal with an outburst, but nothing tells you how to heal your soul afterwards.” – Lynne Jackson, course creator

Who teaches the course?

Lynne Jackson

Occupational Therapist & Co-Founder of Connected Families

Lynne Jackson, course creator and Co-Founder of Connected Families, has poured a lifetime of personal and professional experience into developing the content in this course.

  • As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has had first-hand experience with the challenges these kids face in daily life. 
  • As a parent coach, she has walked alongside hundreds of parents to encourage and bring hope.
  • As a mom of three intense kids, she has lived it.
  • As a research enthusiast, she leans into brain science and research.
  • And, most importantly, as a follower of Christ, she brings biblical wisdom, abundant grace, and a “no shame” policy.
Lynne Jackson
Lynne Jackson

Lydia Rex

Registered Nurse, Parent Coach, & TBRI Practitioner

Lydia Rex joined Lynne in creating this course. She brings compassion and trauma-sensitive insights from her personal and professional experience with foster care and adoption. Most importantly, she’s the mom of two young kids—and is herself on the same journey of hope and healing to which we are inviting you!

At the end of the course

You’ll be saying…

  • “I better understand what is going on with my child. It’s all starting to make sense!”
  • “My compassion for my sensitive child has grown so much!”
  • “I have practical tools, and I know how to help my child!”
  • “My child’s struggles do not define who they are as a person, or predict their future. There is hope!”

BECAUSE you will…

  • Have insight into your child’s challenging behavior
  • Know how to connect well as you respond 
  • Learn to prevent some of those excessive challenges
  • Be able to coach your child toward regulating big emotions
  • Have practical tools to help your child grow flexibility and resilience
  • Decrease the chaos and deepen connection in your home and relationships

In this course, you’ll learn how to move out of the STRESS CYCLE and into a HEALING CYCLE. We call this process the Road to Hope. The difference between life in these two cycles is a game changer.

More importantly, your child will go from believing…

  • “I’m not safe.”
  • “Everyone is against me.”
  • “I’m a bad kid.”


  • “I’m safe and loved.” 
  • “I’m understood.”
  • “I’m capable.”

We want this for you and your child!

As a parent raising a sensitive, intense child, you might be hesitant to buy one more thing or enroll in one more class. You’ve felt hope in the past, only to feel frustrated when that “one more thing” doesn’t seem to help your child. We totally get it!

That is why we offer:

A money back guarantee!

Dive in and complete the first three sessions. Contact us within 30 days if you don’t experience purpose and hope. We’ll reimburse your registration fee.

A scholarship

Raising a child who struggles is expensive! We know! With therapy bills plus inflation, you may feel like you are barely making ends meet. If this is you, we are here to support you. Please don’t let finances stand in the way. Find out more about our scholarship.

Ongoing access

When you take a course with us, you gain ongoing access to the course content. That’s because 6 months from now, if you need a refresher, we want you to have access. Retake the course as many time as you like.

Group Coaching

We are in this together! It is soul-filling to develop encouraging relationships with other parents who get what it’s like to parent a sensitive, intense child! Our greatest desire is to support you on your parenting journey. Learn more.

What’s stopping you?

Don’t keep moving in the direction you’re heading now.

This course replaces your frustration with purpose and hope. Join us to experience this transformation.

Questions you might have

We know you might have a lot of questions before you invest your time and resources into this course. We’ve answered some of those questions below, but please contact us if you have any other questions! We’ll do all we can to get back to you within 48 hours.

Who is the course designed for?

This course was specifically made for parents of children ages 3 – 12* who have underlying stress factors which could include sensory issues, temperament, eating or sleeping challenges, trauma, learning differences, and a range of diagnoses (ASD, SPD, ADHD, ODD, etc.), or for a sensitive, intense child with no diagnosis.

*If your child is younger than 3 or older than 12, you will also benefit from the material. Explore the course for 30 days. If it isn’t the right fit based on the age or needs of your child, please request a refund, which can be given within the first 30 days of purchase.

This seems more expensive than your other courses. Why?

Because it is worth it…and then some! It is a comprehensive deep dive of specialized content, with so many extra features and resources to meet the needs of a wide variety of challenges your sensitive & intense child might be experiencing. We have also invested countless hours in interviewing parents of sensitive-intense kids to video record what they’ve learned for you. If we priced this course what we thought it was worth, it would be in the thousands. 

The content, the bonus videos, and the extra resources, all have incredible value. If the suggested price fits your family budget, please pay the full suggested price. If the suggested price is a barrier to you being able to register, PLEASE request a scholarship! We never want finances to be a barrier to your family thriving!

How do I request a scholarship?

It’s simple! Fill out the form on this page, and an automated email will be sent to you with the special scholarship coupon code.

Please don’t share this coupon codes with others! Whether you pay the full amount or take the scholarship level, choose a dollar amount that works best in your family budget and also allows us to continue serving families around the world.

How do I get a workbook?

A beautiful 36-page workbook is available for download, which you can also print. Alternatively, you can purchase a Welcome Packet that includes the workbook to be sent to your home (if you live in the United States) at checkout.

Can I share my username and password?

If you have a spouse or co-parent, you can certainly share your username and password. If they would like their own access, contact us, and we’ll send them a special code where they can register for no additional charge. 

Please do not share your username and password with anyone else or show these videos in a group setting. As mentioned above, we do have scholarships available upon request. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

It depends on the question! 

We do our very best to respond within 48 hours. At peak times, like when we are launching a course, we are grateful for your patience.

Do you offer CEUs?

We are able to provide a certificate of completion that provides the course’s contact hours. (1 CEU = 10 contact hours) You or your board would need to decide if this fits within your CEU guidelines. The certificate of completion is auto-generated at the end of the course. Important: every single section needs to be marked “complete” for the certificate.

  • Individual access – 8 contact hours
  • Small group access – 12 contact hours

Not the right time to register?

Sign up for our email sequence specifically designed for parents of kids who may be sensitive and/or intense. You can learn to parent your struggling child in a way that equips your family with the tools you need and helps everyone feel loved…no matter what.