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The Power of Questions

A 4-Session Online Course

What is The Power of Questions online course?

Less Arguing. More Wisdom.

A 4-session online course that teaches you how to stop arguing with your child and cultivate wisdom by asking thoughtful questions.

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What do better questions do for your kids?

Build wisdom

Build wisdom

grow responsiblity

Grow responsibility

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Cultivate teamwork

Got a small group?

Small group version available year-round

Gather your friends and take the course together any time! The small group version provides the exact same life-changing curriculum, so you and your small group can encourage each other in your parenting growth.

About the authors

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Stacy Bellward

We’re parents, too.

We know how hard parenting can be when everything—even brushing teeth!—turns into an argument.

Chad Hayenga (MA, LMFT, CLC) and Stacy Bellward (ACC) delight in helping families live in harmony. But we are also parents and understand your daily struggles.

We wrote this course to give you a new vision for using thoughtful and curious questions to grow wisdom and responsibility in your kids.

What if the arguing just stopped?

Why does everything have to be a fight? It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

From daily chores to bigger life-defining decisions, you dread the power struggles with your kids.

You’re not alone.

Arguing with your child leads to discontent, lack of respect, and distanced relationships… and often more nagging from you.

The nagging isn’t cultivating wisdom, is it? But how do you stop the constant arguing?

In this course you will learn the art of asking questions that decrease the reactions which lead to arguments. Instead, good questions build internal wisdom and character in your kids, and create a culture of teamwork in your family.

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Enter hard conversations prepared.

We know how hard it is to have uncomfortable conversations.

Controversial or sensitive topics trigger many emotions. This course will teach you a path through hard conversations.

There’s hope. You can stop arguing with your child and cultivate wisdom.

For over 20 years Connected Families has developed strategies to help parents, just like you, grow wisdom and responsibility in their kids. Can you imagine the entire family living in peace?

How you stop arguing with your child

Step #1: Ask thoughtful questions.
Be empowered to ask the right questions. When you do, your child will learn a better way to respond during hard emotions.

In this course, infused with biblical truth, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow wisdom & responsibility in kids
  • How to ask effective questions
  • How to start (or respond during) hard conversations
  • What to do when kids respond defensively
  • How to hold your kids responsible
  • How to help kids progress in areas that matter

What parents say

The Power of Questions online course gives a solid foundation for why and how to ask thoughtful, meaningful questions. I love how the course takes you through practical steps to build relationships with your kids through questions. Taking the course helped our entire family start to build the life skill of asking quality questions that build understanding and grow wisdom. We even watched parts of the class with our 8 and 10 years old children to ignite problem solving conversations!



Mom of 2

This course has shown me how often I try to control and run my kids’ lives instead of helping them to develop wisdom and responsibility for themselves. Asking questions such as, “What will happen if you choose to do that?” in a curious way has helped my kids learn to think about the consequences of their actions. There are so many helpful tips in this course for how to build responsibility and defuse arguments and power struggles.

Melanie Christenson

Melanie Christenson

Getting started is easy

1. Register today

The course is always open, ready for you to register and dig in.

2. Complete the course

Put four 45 minute blocks of time on your calendar to watch the videos and go through the workbook.

3. Parent with confidence

Next time your child draws you into an argument, you’ll be ready to ask thoughtful and curious questions instead. 

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Need-based options are available

If $35 is out of your budget, we offer scholarships!  We want all parents, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-giving information. Fill out this short scholarship form to access your discount. 

What you get

Stacy and Chad offer such encouraging, compassionate, and practical help. We wish we’d had this training many years ago when starting our parenting journey, but we’ve found that it’s never too late to connect with each other and build up our family team. Changing our perspective and approaching our children (even the ones who are now young adults!) with light-hearted curiosity instead of judgmental lectures is a game-changer.

Mark & Kim Newhouse

Mark & Kim Newhouse

Parents of 5, Grandparents of 2

There are so many new tools that I can’t wait to implement in our home! I learned new ways to actively listen so that my kids will want to talk with me and share what they are feeling. Knowing how to approach our kids, what to say and when to say it is key to effective communication. For parents and caregivers that desire long lasting connection to their kids, this course delivers!

Nichole Summers

Nichole Summers