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What Makes A Great Parent?

It’s the burning question most parents ask at some point in their parenting journey. Is there a secret formula? A magical to-do list? And if those parenting weapons exist, where can you find them?

That exact burning question also sparked a desire in Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, to fill a growing need for fresh, biblically sound, and practical parenting resources. With over 50 combined years of professionally helping families, and a love for working in the church, Jim and Lynne have been dedicated to bringing reliable, God-centered, parenting resources to all families since 2002.

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What Makes Connected Families Different...

...is a special combination of experience - professional and personal - biblical foundations infused by God’s grace and truth and solid child-development research-based approach to everything we do. From those three important ingredients, we created a simple yet extremely effective Connected Families Framework®

Parents who implement this framework have shared with us how profoundly it changed their lives.

  • “I am changed for good!”
  • “Our relationships at home have greatly improved.”
  • “This is the most encouraging way to parent that I’ve seen.”
  • “Connected Families is my go-to parenting resource.”

Learn more about who we are and what we offer:

Learn more about the framework in our free ebook “Four Messages Every Child Longs to Hear”

What Makes Parents Keep Coming Back



Become a more confident parent who leads with love and grace.


Parent Coaching

For parents facing unique challenges we have one-on-one parent coaching.


Seminars & Workshops

Interactive and engaging conferences available across the country and internationally.


Online Courses

Great for small groups or individuals, content is developed from the workshops.



How To Grow a Connected Family walks you through the Connected Families Framework. And Discipline That Connects is about how to communicate these four powerful messages when kids misbehave.


Engage with Parents

When you face a challenge contact us and we’ll do our best to attend to your question within 24 hours.

We Run on EOS

Since 2014, we've been working with Entrepreneur Operating System Implementor Joel Swanson from MileOne Teams. We are grateful for his commitment to the vision of Connected Families. Our ability to impact families around the world is enhanced by our decision to Run on EOS


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