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Chinese Initiative

Approximately 16% of the world reads and writes Chinese and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, or some other form of Chinese dialect. That means a lot of Chinese parents!

We want to be available wherever there’s a need.

As it turns out, some of these committed Chinese parents and grandparents have reached out to Connected Families. They are feeling extraordinary urgency about parenting as the cultural pressures on Chinese parents increase around the world. Our care is equipping them to more effectively share God’s grace and truth with their families in compelling ways. 

To increase access to Connected Families resources we are working to translate several key resources (including the popular course “Discipline that Connects With Your Child’s Heart”), build a simple Chinese website, and train Chinese parent coaches. See our planned schedule below.

We recognize the complexities of the varied Chinese spoken and written languages. Our team is doing the best we can to present content that reaches as effectively as possible in both Simplified script (writing) and Mandarin (spoken). Please pray with us about the prospects of expanding in the future.

If you share our excitement about this, we’d love to keep you updated on this project.

Check out our new Chinese pages

Keep me posted! I’d love to stay connected with this project!

By sharing your name and contact information, please know you’ll be contacted occasionally (mostly by email) by Jim Jackson, Alice Lo (Project Coordinator), or Anna Braasch with updates and requests.