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Our Financial Integrity & Commitment to You

Since our beginning in 2002, Connected Families has maintained the highest level of financial integrity. We stand accountable before you and God to use your resources wisely and efficiently. We are committed to financial disclosure and trustworthy stewardship. As such, here are our guiding financial principles:

  • We pledge to use money well – with accountability to God as our greatest desire. We will spend overhead money as wisely as we can – fully accountable to our Board of Directors. Our primary guiding principle is to be good stewards of the funds and the quality employees that God has provided.
  • All our finances are audited annually by the independent CPA firm Ellingson & Ellingson. Recommendations are followed and the report and form 990 filing record are available for review. To request copies, fill out our contact us form
  • If the goal of a given fundraising campaign is met, we will gratefully apply additional gifts to other equally important aspects of Connected Families’ ongoing ministry to families.
  • For many of our services, we invite people to make suggested donations. We let them know what the service costs, and if they are able to pay for the service we invite them to contribute that amount or more. But we do not withhold services when people are unable to pay and we will serve for whatever people can offer.
  • Connected Families compensates all staff within the guidelines provided by the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits. 
  • Jim & Lynne Jackson take no royalties from their books, audios, or videos. These proceeds, and all suggested speaking and coaching fees are paid directly to Connected Families.
  • Connected Families is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all contributions are tax-deductible.

In every detail, our standard is absolute financial integrity. Our most recent financial report is available upon request. To receive a copy, or to ask us any questions about our financial principles or practices, please fill out this contact form.

Support Families

Help more families access life-changing parenting materials

Has your family been blessed, challenged, and encouraged by Connected Families?

Join us in supporting parents, as we continue to reach more families than ever before with God’s grace and truth for parents.

“Our kids loved learning The Peace Process!”

“There is joy in our home again!”

Friends, your donations are bringing love to life in homes.

Families are growing in peace and purpose! They are growing in connection to God, to each other, and to God’s purposes for their families.

Your gift will be a HUGE blessing to families who have yet to be equipped with Connected Families’ transformational approach to parenting.

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How your donation helps families stay connected

Every donation, whether big or small, empowers another family to parent with confidence, and lead with grace.

Some ways your generosity supports parents

  • $25 – Covers the annual cost of your own weekly inspiration and equipping.
  • $50 – Covers the annual cost of your own weekly inspiration, and pays it forward to another parent
  • $119 – Provides an online course to an overseas missionary family
  • $400 – Provides resources and coaching to an international ministry worker, or covers the cost for a mom’s group virtual workshop.

Why we choose to support Connected Families

We’re part of the Donor Team because we want other families to be blessed through CF like we have (and still are). From teaching the gospel, showing the gospel, teaching emotional regulation, celebrating the victories, seeing behavioral change, and seeing these principles confirmed in brain research… nothing is putting all these principles together like Connected Families. This is an exceptional ministry and tool!

 Bryan and Kylie

Bryan and Kylie


Connected Families gave us hope as an answer to our desperation; our kids were disobeying and we were yelling—a lot. We learned how to give grace to ourselves, and we received a framework full of wisdom through which we could now view our parenting. We are so thankful.

Amanda and Steve

Amanda and Steve

Parents of two boys in Texas

Alternative Donation Methods

You may use our donation link, or you may use any of the methods below to donate.

Donor Impact Report

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Parenting is hard. Your support matters

Thanks to donors like you, in FY24 over 67,000 hungry parents were fed Christ-centered, biblically grounded, research-informed, trauma-sensitive content every week.

Learn more about how your generosity transforms chaos into connection. Download the FY24 Connected Families Donor Impact Report.

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