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4 messages

4 Messages Every Child Longs to Hear

Dive into our Parenting Framework!

Calming Strategies

7 Practical Calming Strategies for Kids

A FREE online mini-course for parents of children ages 2-9

60 Ways Moving and Laughing

60 Ways To Get Kids Moving and Laughing

Activities to calm and laugh with angsty kids


Consequences That Actually Work

Get a perspective change on consequences


Disciplina Que Conecta: El Manuel

DTC Workshop 1

Discipline That Connects 1-Hour Workshop

1 hour introduction to DTC

Dad Encouragement

Encouragement From a Dad Who Has Been There

To the dad getting bombarded after his wife listens to our podcast 😉


Framework for Kids

Introduce your kids to the Framework


Helping Kids With Anger

Your child can learn healthy ways of dealing with big feelings.

Parenting Strengths

Parenting Strengths Assessment

Know your strengths. Take the free online assessment.

Spanking 1

Perspectives on Spanking

What does the Bible say on spanking? What does research say? Let’s talk.

Picky Picky! My Child Won't Eat Anything But Junk Food ebook

Picky Picky! My Child Won’t Eat Anything But Junk food

Bring peace to meal times.

Romans 8

Romans 8 Adaptation

Use this image pack to remind yourself of the radical love you are privileged to show your kids.

Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer Adaptation

Learn to place in God’s hands what isn’t yours to control.


Transform Bedtime Struggles Into Nighttime Snuggles

Bring peace to your child’s body, mind, heart, and spirit. So they (and you!) can sleep well.


Connected Families Podcast

Listen to our grace-filled podcast, full of practical examples and roleplays.


Parenting Tips Blog

Christ-centered, research-informed, and trauma-sensitive articles so you can parent with confidence

Books & Audiobooks

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart

DTC Book

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart Book

Disciplining a child is tough. Get ready for a practical read that empowers to connect and teach wisdom.

DTC Audio Download

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart Audiobook

Jim & Lynne Jackson read their life-changing book in this audio recording.

DTC Audio CD

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart Audiobook CD

Jim & Lynne Jackson read their life-changing book in this audio recording.

How To Grow a Connected Family


How To Grow a Connected Family

Grow a family that is connected and loving

HTGCF Workbook

How To Grow a Connected Family – Workbook

Process your thoughts on your reading, and plan your actions, with this workbook.


Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart Audiobook CD

Jim & Lynne Jackson read their life-changing book in this audio recording.

HTGCF Small Group

How To Grow a Connected Family

A practical read that empowers you to discipline well

Online Courses & Small Group Curriculum


Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart – Online Course

Learn how to show God’s grace, love, and truth in the middle of your child’s most challenging behavior.

Resources New Format

The Entitlement Fix – Online Course

Grow hard work and gratitude in your kids

OC GT for Moms

Grace & Truth for Moms

Resilience in tough times, anchored in God’s truth, could be the best legacy you leave behind.

OC Power of Questions

The Power of Questions – Online Course

Less Arguing. More Wisdom.

OC Sibling Conflict

Sibling Conflict – Online Course

Teach your kids healthy ways to handle conflict, and let them go from bickering to bonding

OC Sensitive Intense

Sensitive & Intense Kids

Navigating parenting challenges with Purpose and Hope

small group curriculum

Small Group Curriculum

Learn how you can go through the online courses with your small group.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Invest in your family

Mentoring for Dads

Mentoring for Dads

Work through the kind of dad you want to be

Parent Coaching Certification

Parent Coaching Certification Program

Become a parent coach

Miscellaneous Goodies

Gift Card

Gift Card

Give someone the chance to grow in their parenting

Resources New Format 3

4 Messages Word Art

Display these 4 messages in a beautiful way

Challenging children

Challenging Children: What Makes Them Tick

Occupational Therapist, Lynne Jackson, unpacks how the brains of those “over-the-top” kids work.

Resources New Format 2

Connected Families Coffee Cup



Encouraging Stickers


Framework Magnet

Framework Magnet

Place it where things often fall apart to remind yourself of who you want to be in conflict

Resources New Format 1

Framework Magnet – Set of 5

For you and your friends

Resources New Format 5

Insiders Team

Join the community

Resources New Format 4

Prayer Team

Pray with us

Especially for Chinese-Speaking Parents

Traditional Chinese 4 Messages


「心連心的管教」概述 獨特的育兒框架介紹

Simplified Chinese 4 Messages 1


“心连心的管教”概述 独特的育儿框架介绍

Traditional Chinese Blog



Chinese Family 2



Especially for Spanish-Speaking Parents


Disciplina Que Conecta: El Manuel

Sensitive kids with angry outburst can also have intense happy energy.

Do you have a child with EXTRA needs?

Parenting isn’t easy, but when you’ve got an extra INTENSE or SENSITIVE child with big feelings… it’s even harder.

The Sensitive and Intense Kids online course will equip you to parent well, even with these unique kiddos.


Less arguing. More wisdom.

That’s what you get with the Power of Questions online course.