Two former coaching clients share their stories:

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As a parent, you’re doing the best you can! But raising a family today can be overwhelming and even disheartening. Fresh insights and practical tools are needed to change the momentum in struggling families.

Connected Families honors the uniqueness of your family and its challenges by teaching a principled approach to parenting that fits all ages and stages. Your Connected Families parent coach will walk alongside you to help turn frustration, anger and despair into patterns of calmness, wisdom and joy.

This may be the best investment you’ll ever make in your family!

Step 1: Fill out the coaching inquiry form below. 
Step 2: Connect with Chad Hayenga, parent coach and coaching coordinator, to decide which coach is the best match for your family.
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Step 4: Meet with your coach and begin to experience lasting change in your family.

Questions You Might Have

What are the qualifications and training of Connected Families coaches?

Connected Families employees who work with parents are Certified Life Coaches. Each coach has an additional expertise to help clients, i.e. experience with at-risk teens, marriage and family therapy degree, occupational therapy background, expertise in adoption issues, training in solution focused methods, etc. Through our years of varied experiences, we’ve developed comprehensive resources that will enhance your coaching sessions.

Most importantly, we’ve all struggled in our parenting and bring grace, understanding and encouragement into our coaching.

Who is coaching for?

  • Parents who want to get on the “same page,” and are in need of a plan.
  • Parents who are starting to see troubling behaviors in their kids and don’t know what to do.
  • Parents who are discouraged by the endless cycle of misbehavior-punish-misbehavior-punish, and can feel their kids hearts turning away from them.
  • Parents who see their child developing a negative self-identity in response to struggling with misbehavior.

Why parent coaching? And why now?

It is tough to undo negative patterns in families, so it’s important to consider: Where might our challenges take us in the next few years without help? What complexities might be added as our children develop? What would I want my relationship with my struggling child to be like in a few years?

No matter how difficult things have gotten, when parents take strong steps to learn new insights and strategies, it communicates powerful messages to kids:

  • Grace is real; it’s never too late to learn and grow in an area.
  • It’s ok not to have all the answers and to ask for help.
  • You’re worth the effort to change my lifelong habits!

What format and focus will the sessions have?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes. Our extensive professional experience enables us to mentor you with fresh perspectives and ideas. Parents will work with their coach to create a plan of helpful action points that address parents’ concerns.

Are you faith-based?

While we are a Christian organization, we can flexibly accommodate any faith background.

Who is included – will I bring my children?

Either one or both parents (or another caregiver) meet together with their coach for sessions. This can best be accomplished without children present so parents can share concerns freely.

Where does the coaching take place?

We coach parents from around the world via Skype.
Twin-Cities based clients often prefer to come to our office (566 Bavaria Lane, Chaska, MN 55318) or meet at a centrally located coffee shop.
Conference calls are a possibility if desired.

How soon can I expect changes, and how long will the coaching last?

Healthy change in relationships depends on many variables, and is subject to the invested involvement from parents. It takes time for parents and children to build new skills and habits, but if a parent puts in the work, change will happen from the start, awkward as it may be for both parent and child. We do strongly suggest approximately four sessions of coaching at intervals of 2-3 weeks. To completely achieve their goals, many parents choose to continue on a less frequent, or as-needed basis after these initial sessions.

What are the fees and how does payment work?

All coaching options can be purchased through our website (links below). Reduced rates are available based upon need.

$480 – A four session package.
$120 – A one hour session for returning clients.
$175 – A single 75-minute session. Perfect for those who want to check us out without committing to four sessions.

What additional resources do you provide?

All coaching clients receive access to the Connected Families private coaching page, which includes bonus videos, articles and valuable additional resources to help understand kids and guide them wisely.

You will receive a copy of our book, Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart, on which much of the parent coaching is based.

We also provide access to our coaching workbook, which is yours to use throughout your coaching experience as an in-session guide, offering between session homework for your consideration. It is also helpful to refer back to when your coaching sessions are complete.

How long will I have to complete my sessions?

You will have up to six months to finish your four session package. Coaching sessions build on each other, and there is a momentum that takes place when parents begin doing things differently. We want you to be as successful as possible, and that means meeting regularly. There are no refunds for sessions that aren’t completed, but a receipt for a tax deductible donation can be issued at the end of the year of purchase. Extensions may be given for extenuating circumstances.

How do I get started?

Fill out the interest form below.  We look forward to connecting with you to help you become the parent you desire to be! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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I personally felt as a parent I was defeated, discouraged, depleted and angry. Our family had conflicts many mornings before school, and yelling almost every evening. I literally could physically feel a change after my first coaching session – I felt less burdened and anxious. I recently wrote in my journal that I feel equipped, encouraged, proud and full-of-love toward my ‘difficult’ child.
Andrea, mom of two

Coaching by Skype was extremely helpful and convenient. We connected with our coach from the West Coast at 6 a.m. (with a strong cup of coffee!) before the kids were up, so no sitter needed for our lively youngsters.
Tim and Caitlin, parents of three

My nine-year-old son had impulsive, explosive, and rigid behaviors, and common Christian parenting advice and materials did not seem to be helping! Since starting coaching, we have had a strong improvement in our relationship—specifically, increased warmth and enjoyment, as well as hope.
Karra, mom of special needs son

Our family struggled with just being with each other without fighting about something or someone. The questions that my coach asked were very thought provoking – I’ve learned to look for a new perspective when things aren’t working. Writing this has brought me to tears realizing just how far I have come!
Pat, single mom of three

Private Page for Coaching Clients

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