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The passionate people bringing more families into grace and truth through the Framework

The team at Connected Families supports Christ-centered transformation in families by stewarding a growing worldwide community of parents, parent coaches, and partners equipped with a biblical framework for parenting. Our certified coaches are an extension of our team, and we are so excited to share them with the world. 

We have had the privilege of working with, training, and certifying the following individuals as parent coaches. These individuals all run their own practices and are certified to train parents using the Connected Families Framework. Please reach out to these highly qualified Connected Families certified parent coaches directly. They are eager to hear from you!

“I’m so thankful for the shift in perspective that coaching has given me. I view my children differently—more positively—than I ever have. The way I was viewing my kids was blocking our connection. Seeing my kids as called and capable with God-given gifts has allowed me to let go of trying to control them and modify their behavior.” -Kate


Kiddie Prep School

Katrina Baros

Mercy Hill Church

Ivy Todd

Christ Church

Jarrett and Luisa Wendt

Amy Nyvall

Joy Wendling

Bethany Adams

Building Wise Families

Christina Grey

Strengths Based Parent Coaching