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Certified Coaches

The passionate people spreading the message of Connected Families

The team at Connected Families wakes up every day to care forinspire, and equip parents to receive and pass on God’s grace and truth by imparting a memorable and transformational biblical framework for parenting. Our certified coaches are an extension of our team, and we are so excited to share them with the world. 

We have had the privilege of working with, training, and certifying the following individuals as parent coaches. These individuals all run their own practices and are certified to train parents using the Connected Families Framework. Please reach out to these highly qualified Connected Families certified coaches directly. They can’t wait to hear from you!

Not Accepting Coaching Clients


We believe the Gospel, lived out in your family, is transformative and life-giving.


Because we believe what happens inside your home changes the world.


Each of us has lived out parenting struggles. Each of us knows what it means to receive grace in our mistakes.

Questions about our certified coaching program?