Our Framework

Our Framework

We’ve developed a paradigm for parenting that is a guiding perspective through all of family life but also gives insight into immediate challenges. This framework is at the core of everything we do.


The four principles of the framework build from the bottom up. Parents start by strengthening their own spiritual and relational foundation. A solid foundation brings God’s love into everyday life, empowering parents to enjoy and connect well with their children. This connection creates receptivity when parents thoughtfully coach kids in the values and skills that support God’s purposes for them. All this proactive effort greatly reduces children’s tendency to misbehave, but when that does happen, the correct principle focuses on learning a wiser response (the underlying meaning of discipline is disciple) and draws from each of the principles beneath it. In these discipline situations, parents learn to:

  • Respond wisely and calmly during intense moments (Foundation)
  • Communicate love-no-matter-what when children need it the most (Connect)
  • Encourage and affirm wise choices even during misbehavior (Coach)
  • Employ consequences truly aimed at the child’s growth, not the parent’s relief (Correct)

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