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Communicating Love in the Midst of Misbehavior | Ep. 12

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Stacy Bellward is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson to talk about a message that is essential for discipline situations: You are LOVED no matter what! 

Why is this necessary? Don’t kids already know they are loved?

During the frustration of misbehavior, kids can easily internalize a perception that their parents don’t like them. If we don’t intentionally communicate the message “You are LOVED no matter what” during challenges, kids will only become more discouraged. And if they believe they have to perform well to be loved, that can weave insecurity into the very fabric of their lives.

In this podcast we discuss in-depth what it looks like to practically bring “love-no-matter-what” into daily discipline challenges. We explore the questions:  

What can we do to prevent performance-based insecurity? 

Start with a heart to sincerely connect with your child, not to manipulate them. Then offer the same kind of connection that is natural in your relationship in non-conflict situations – like touch, humor, or verbal affection.

Doesn’t this let kids off the hook when they misbehave? 

It actually helps keep them on the hook. Communicating love in the midst of misbehavior earns parents the respect needed to guide children to make right what they’ve made wrong. (See Romans 2:4) 

What does “love-no-matter-what” look like in real life?

In today’s podcast, Nichole, an adoptive mom with six kids, shares her story with strategies for connecting during misbehavior and the impact it’s had in her family.

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