Discipline That Connects


an 8-session online course equipping you to connect with your child’s heart during discipline.


Discipline That Connects Online Course

an 8-session online course that will equip you to connect with your child’s heart during discipline.

Discipline That Connects - Online Course

Join us fall 2019! Until then.....

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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Find solutions that work by grounding your family in God’s grace & truth.

Think Back With Us...

Do you remember what you thought parenting would be like? Full of laughter, fun and cute memory-making moments?

And yet, here you are, struggling with disobedience, frustrations, and feeling overwhelmed.

You may have thought getting through the terrible twos, trying threes, and troublesome teens wouldn't be that tricky. After all they're just phases. But why, then, do you feel so stuck?

Raising kids in today’s culture is harder than ever. Despite the vast array of resources and methods available, finding one that offers lasting solutions can be challenging. The Discipline That Connects online course stops that search.

Eight 30-minute pre-recorded sessions on YOUR schedule!
In your pjs? No problem!
On lunch break? Perfect!

We now have confidence and a plumb line to go back to as we parent TOGETHER in a way that is biblical, grace-filled, and gospel-centered. We're now on the same page and have practical tools for parenting.
- Sarah and Jeff, course participants fall 2015
Parents of three kids from Minnesota

I pray before a difficult parenting situation all the time now. Emotions can run hot in our family and I don’t want to be a yelling mother. Tapping into God’s patience is the only way I can do that.
- Maribeth, course participant fall 2016
Mom of 5 kids, ages 2 to 10 years

As a dad and a family pastor, this course has been the most insightful and helpful parenting material I've experienced. My natural tendency is to jump straight to coaching and correcting, only to feel frustrated when my words don't produce the desired effect. I now think "safety first" with my kids as well as with other relationships and situations. We want to make this course available to every family in our church!
- Will, course participant fall 2017
Dad of 4 kids, ages 3 - 11, from Indiana and family pastor

When you complete the course you’ll learn:

Four key messages that will shape what your children believe about themselves in a way that make them WANT to behave better.

To communicate these four powerful messages in ways your kids can’t miss.

How to respond with confidence (not confusion) when your kids act up.

mom and son for DTC page

As you roll up your sleeves and complete the homework between sessions you’ll start seeing change - first in yourself, and then in your kids.

You’ll feel more purposeful.

Your kids will feel safe in your care and will learn to respond to your leadership.

You’ll even find yourself in more meaningful and connected relationships - with your friends, co-workers, extended family, and spouse.

Are you ready to feel more confident in your parenting?

No More Second Guessing



Gain a clear sense of purpose and confidence as you discipline your children.



Understand the cycle of negative parenting patterns and how to break them.



Build lifelong character in your kids and watch them grow in God’s wisdom.

Jim and Lynne web res 2

Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, have taught this easy-to-remember framework to thousands of parents in live workshops and private coaching since 1993.

This powerful framework focuses on four key messages and is taught throughout eight sessions.

When you’ve completed the course, you will join thousands of parents who have benefitted from the same transformational content.

Connected Families Framework

Incorporating the lessons taught through this online course  has given me real tools and words to use right at those volatile times. In fact, I wrote out actual "cue cards" that I thought would resonate best for our kids. It CHANGED everything! And I mean everything.

-Michelle, course participant fall 2015
Mom of three from Minnesota

I used to think discipline was all about being stern with our kids so that they'd behave well.  I realize now it's about teaching our kids.  Are they really ‘getting’ what I'm trying to teach them? This insight has helped me so much!

Kristen, course participant winter 2016
Mom of three from Maryland

Become The Parent You Want To Be

1. Register today

Register today and let us know where to send your Welcome Packet in the mail. 

2. Complete the course

Once you purchase the course you will always have access. The course moderator is available while the 8 weeks the course is in session. 

3. Parent with confidence

Apply the techniques you’ve learned and watch your family transform.

How Does Your Style Of Discipline  Affect Your Family?

When discipline aims at quick fixes, it tends to be short-sighted, random, overly punitive, and generally unpredictable. Kids feel confused and even emotionally unsafe because they never know what to expect. And when their brains feel unsafe, they rarely learn what you want them to learn. But when parents learn to discipline with a grace-filled long-view in mind, their kids develop identity according to God’s grace and truth.

Your kids will thank you!

What's Included

8 Sessions That Will Change Your Parenting For Good

  • Session 1: A Fresh Perspective on Discipline
  • Session 2: You Are SAFE With Me - What’s Going on in Me?
  • Session 3: You Are SAFE With Me - Keep Discipline On Track
  • Session 4: You Are LOVED No Matter What!
  • Session 5: You are CALLED and CAPABLE - Discover and Affirm Capability
  • Session 6: You are CALLED and CAPABLE - Grow Skills and Wisdom
  • Session 7: You are RESPONSIBLE for Your Actions
  • Session 8: All Four Messages Working Together

Freedom To Do The Course At Your Own Pace

Content is available on Monday, February 4th. To allow the course material to sink in, we encourage students to do one session per week with the following schedule in mind. However you are always able to work ahead!

  • Session 1 - week of February 4th
  • Session 2 - week of February 11
  • Session 3 - week of February 18
  • Session 4 - week of February 25
  • Session 5 - week of March 4
  • Session 6 - week of March 11
  • Session 7 - week of March 18
  • Session 8 - week of March 25

Access To The Course Moderator

Stacy Bellward (our online moderator & ICF Certified Coach) will answer your questions and support your experience while the course is in session (February 4th - March 29th).

Ongoing Access To The Course

Go back and review the material as often as needed. Comments are no longer visible and moderation is no longer provided after March 29th, but you’ll have ongoing access to the material.

Money Back Guarantee

If you find that this course is not for you, simply contact us during your first month for a full refund.

Certificate Of Completion

Upon request we will supply you with a certificate of completion which might be helpful if you are in the adoption or foster care process.

Bonus Materials Included When You Register:

NEW to the course? Live in the United States?

Register early to make sure you receive your Welcome Packet by the time the course starts! 

FREE audio download of the DTC full-length book

$2 discount code on the DTC paperback book

A workbook to keep your notes and ideas handy

Application Cards to have easy reminders of what you’ve learned

Framework magnet to be kept in a visible place for quick access

5x7 printed syllabus with proposed completion dates

8 x 10 word art of four messages

20% off coupon for a friend to join the online course

Scripture memory cards that support each session

Alumni? Live outside the US?

You will receive digital downloads of the following:

FREE audio download of the DTC full-length book

$2 discount code on the DTC paperback book

A digital workbook to keep your notes and ideas handy

Printable Application Cards for easy reminders

Printable PDF of the CF framework

Printable 5x7 syllabus with proposed completion dates

Printable 8 x 10 word art of four messages

20% off coupon for a friend to join the online course

Printable scripture memory cards that support each session

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Need-based options are available.

If $119 is out of your budget, we offer options ranging from $89.25 or less. We want all parents, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-changing information. Fill out this short scholarship form to access your discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the course?

There are eight sessions of 30 minutes each that are pre-recorded and available to you on your schedule! This means that you can take it day or night and go through the course at the speed that works for you. The eight sessions are streaming videos with reflection questions interspersed throughout. We highly encourage course participants to leave comments when taking the course, but don’t require comments to move to the next session.

How long does each session take?

Each session takes 30-40 minutes to complete. It’s always available, so you can break it up to fit your schedule.

Can my small group go through this course?

Yes! We have a small group version just for you. To learn more about format and pricing, check out our small group page.

With everything going on in my life, how will I ever complete this course?

We’ve found that those with the highest completion rate put each session on their calendar and treat it like any other appointment they can’t miss. Our suggestion is to schedule one session per week for eight weeks (February 4th - March 29th). This will keep the momentum going, but you also won’t feel overwhelmed.

I need to know how to get my kids to behave, does this course give me specific tools?

Yes! Following an introductory session, in sessions two and three, you’ll begin to learn the brain science and gain tools for calming everyone down during conflict. In session four you’ll gain tools for connecting with your child that takes the intensity out of kids’ defiance. In session five and six you’ll learn to coach your kids in ways that build wisdom for life. In sessions seven and eight you’ll learn to use effective consequences. By the time you’re done you’ll be able to think far more clearly, biblically, and constructively in the face of daily challenges. You will experience more peace and confidence in your parenting.

Do we need to read the book by the same name?

Nope! But we do make it available to you by audio download. We also offer a $2 off coupon for the paperback book. It can be helpful to support your learning, but not necessary.

Can I have a friend join me?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it! Just have that person register separately. If finances are an issue, have them fill out the scholarship form. Please do not share your username and password with others.

Could you tell me more about Connected Families before I commit?

Since 2002 Connected Families founders Jim & Lynne Jackson have worked almost daily in the trenches with parents. Their discoveries have helped thousands of parents grow in skills and confidence. The basic idea is this: When parents make a primary goal of getting their children to behave right, parents and kids generally become adversaries. But when parents learn to focus first on helping their children grow into healthy, biblically-based belief about themselves and the world, these parents become allies with their kids and gain great influence in their lives. So we equip parents with a new primary goal for discipline, one that positions them as allies instead of adversaries.

Does this course address kids with special needs and a range of ages?

While the principles taught in this course apply to all relationships, the specific examples and stories refer to kids ages 2 – 16. Parents have reported the principles apply well with older kids, grandkids, kids in the classroom, and even kids who have special needs such as ADHD, SPD, ASD, and attachment/trauma. So give it a whirl and if you feel like the course is not helpful to your family, just contact us for a full refund within 30 days.

Some parenting programs are quite complex and hard to consistently live out in real life. Is this course different?

Yes, this course is different! You’ll learn four basic biblical principles and be guided to uniquely apply those principles to you and your kids. As you grow into these principles you’ll grow in your unique ability to apply them.

How is the course different than the book by the same title?

The course connects with multiple learning styles. There are written, visual, emotional and interactive portions of the course that engage the whole brain. This is the most effective way to assure learning.

It is much easier to share the experience with a spouse. At the end of a long day it’s much easier to sit back on the couch, watch, and reflect together rather than read a book.

It is also different because it is relational in two ways:

  1. You’ll feel like Jim & Lynne are right there with you. Their warmth and compassion come through powerfully. We think you’ll find this to be as personal as an online course can be.
  2. You’ll be interacting with others going through the course at the same time. In each session are several reflection questions that invite participants to share their learning with each other.

Do you offer CEUs?

We are able to provide certification that you registered and participated. You (or your board) would need to decide if it fits within your CEU guidelines.

Is this available for hearing impaired?

Upon request we can provide a transcript of the entire course. You can read along while the video is playing. Our hope is to someday include subtitles on all our courses.

Do you provide scholarships?

Yes! If $119 is out of your reach, we offer options ranging from $89.25 or less based on your specific circumstances. We want all parents, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-changing information. (Fill out this short scholarship request form to access your discount.)

What is the timing of the course?

  • Register by January 27 to receive a welcome packet in the mail (if you live in the US and are new to the course).
  • Welcome packets will be mailed as you register, with the last batch being mailed on Jan 28th.
  • Everyone, regardless of when you register or where you live, will receive digital downloads of everything in the welcome packet.
  • Content is released on February 4th
  • Finish one session a week from February 4th through March 29th
  • Participate in three live Q & As sprinkled throughout the course (Feb 22, March 15, March 29) or watch the replay after.

We Are Excited to Partner With You!

We look forward to partnering with you on this parenting journey, and will see you online soon!

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