Discipline That Connects Overview

The 4 Most Important Messages You Can Send Your Kids

What messages do you want to send your kids in your parenting? And are you sending them? Do your kids know they are loved no matter what...even during moments of discipline?

The Discipline That Connects parenting framework has transformed countless families. Download this free ebook and let it begin to transform your parenting too.

four messages for kids cover
four messages for kids cover
Connected Families Framework

4 Parenting Messages for Kids

you are safe

1. You are SAFE

Learn how to be an emotionally safe parent. Reflect on what's going on inside you during discipline and conflict.

you are loved

2. You are LOVED

Find out how to connect with your child during and despite misbehavior. Demonstrate to your child real unconditional love.

you are called and capable


Help your child understand that they have the ability and the calling from God to make good choices. Coach them through the process.

you are responsible


Sometimes your child will make bad choices. Discover how to hold them accountable. Correct them lovingly and cultivate wisdom.


Change discipline in your home.

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What Readers Say

“I know I never want to be an unsafe parent. Seeing these four messages made it clear what the foundation is — safety. I wish I had felt safe, and I know I want my kids to feel it. I resonated with these messages, and they remind me that there is hope and grace to be found as we parent.” – Allison

This ebook is the first step to many more resources (such as the Discipline That Connects online course and parent coaching) that will strengthen your family. As we navigate the tween and teen years now, we feel much more equipped to help our boys to grow into loving and responsible young men.  - Eric and Marni