The Entitlement Fix

A 4-Session Online Course

What is The Entitlement Fix online course?

Four 30-minute, pre-recorded sessions on YOUR schedule!

A 4-session online course to help you grow hard work and gratitude in your kids.

Prepare your kids to be both respectful and responsible.

entitlement and responsibility

Feel like the kids run the house?

Infants are naturally entitled to have all their needs met by you and don’t have to say thank you. Adults are not.

That transition from healthy infant entitlement to healthy adult interdependence has always been difficult.

You are not alone in this struggle, and neither are your kids! Teaching responsibility and gratitude is possible.

Is this course made for you?

Probably. If you see your family in any of the following scenarios, absolutely!

  • You can’t seem to get your kids invested and involved in basic household responsibilities.
  • You feel like the kids put up a constant barrage of demands.
  • You do something special for your kids, and you hear more complaints than gratitude.
  • You remember your own childhood and wish someone had helped you navigate from healthy infant entitlement to healthy adult interdependence in a better way.

Got a small group?

Small group version available year-round

Gather your friends and take the course together any time! The small group version provides an unmoderated course with the exact same life-changing curriculum, so you and your small group can encourage each other in your parenting growth.

The Entitlement Fix Online Course

This four-session online course is self-paced (10 pm in your jammies…no problem!) and includes loads of bonus material.

You will gain…

  • A new vision for your family
  • Practical tools you can implement today
  • Peace to replace the anxiety
  • A biblically grounded strategy for wise responses
  • A Lasting Fix!

What parents say

The entitlement we see in our kids no longer feels like an emergency. We now have the tools and perspective to address this issue with grace.

Hannah & Dan

Hannah & Dan

Parents of 4

I saw a lot of change in my own behavior —modeling enjoying a job well done and modeling thankfulness to the people around me.



Mom of 4

Course sessions

  • Session 1: How Have We Gotten So Stuck in Entitlement?
  • Session 2: I Don’t Want to Do It!
  • Session 3: I Want It Now!
  • Session 4: The Lasting Fix.
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Your instructors

Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, speak to thousands of parents a year through Connected Families, the ministry they founded in 2002.

Over the years, Jim and Lynne have watched as our culture has churned out kids who seem more and more entitled and discontent with what they have. They felt there was a need to pass on their own knowledge and expertise to equip parents to raise kids who have hearts of gratitude and responsibility.

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What’s included?

1. Register today

The course is always open, ready for you to register and dig in.

2. Complete the course

Take the course on YOUR schedule, but make it a goal to complete all four sessions in four weeks. 

3. Parent with confidence

You’ll know YOU’RE modeling more gratitude and responsibility, and watch your kids pick up on these new traits.

Need-based options are available

We want everyone to access our parenting content. That’s why we’ve priced The Entitlement Fix as low as possible at $23. However, if that’s still outside your budget, please let us know on the scholarship request form.