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NW Child doesnt believe in God 1

My Child Doesn’t Believe in God. Now What?

From time to time, we receive questions from the Connected Families community about what to do when your child doesn’t believe in God, has walked away from God, or may even call themselves an atheist or an agnostic. This is…

SM kids arguments Ep 167

Kids’ Arguments: Establish Peace with 4 Steps | Ep. 167

If your kids’ bickering ever drives you bonkers, you’ll want to hear this fresh perspective with our guest and certified parent coach, Megan Thorp. Stacy and Megan unpack the Connected Families’ approach to transform kids’ arguments into opportunities to build…

SM Ep 156

Navigating Family Gatherings | Ep 156

With the holidays fast approaching, we are pulling ​a classic podcast from the archives​ where Chad Hayenga joins Stacy Bellward to discuss some ideas for navigating family gatherings. Enjoy! Are you looking forward to celebrating holidays with family but dreading…

Teach Your Kids To Trust God

Teach Your Kids How to Trust God

Parents who value their faith long to teach their children to trust God and walk in a vibrant, resilient relationship with Christ. Being involved in a local faith community is certainly a vital part of that. But as important as…

SM Ep 149

Disciplining an Explosive Child—With Grace and Firmness Ep. 149

Wondering about disciplining an explosive child? You’re not alone! In fact, what to do with kid’s anger is one of our most frequent inquiries here at Connected Families. Aggressive behavior and explosive anger are intense challenges, and there is hope…