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Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart

Building Faith, Wisdom, and Character in the Messes of Daily Life

A different kind of book

Many parents tell us: “This is like no parenting book I’ve ever read!” Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart is at once spiritually inspiring AND doable! You’ll learn a way of thinking you’ll use for a lifetime. The practical tools inside will teach you to discipline your children with grace while building faith, wisdom, and character for life.

Let the transformation begin

Help your kids feel safe, loved, capable, and responsible for their actions.


“Jim and Lynne combine compassionate parenting methods (for you and your child) with biblical truth to help support you in the challenging area of discipline. This book will equip you to understand yourself better and feel confident to stay connected with your kids even while addressing undesirable behaviors.”

Heather McFadden

Host of the don’t Mom Alone Podcast

“This book is filled with real-life, practical advice that will transform the way you discipline your kids. I highly recommend it!”

Kristen Welch

Bestselling author of Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

3 steps for long-term behavioral change

Most parenting resources offer tips and methods that focus on immediate behavior change. Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart offers a new and lasting way to think about it: Instead of managing behavior, you’ll learn to mentor your children’s beliefs – about God, themselves, and their palace in the world – all by how you discipline their misbehavior. It’s about real transformation for both you and your child.


Read the book


Implement and practice the tools


Watch your family’s relationships grow

Build your child’s identity

Children are looking to their parents not just for behavioral guidance, but to help them figure out WHO THEY ARE!

Discipline that Connects teaches a four-message approach that equips parents to do both.

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