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The God-Given Gifts in Your Child’s Misbehavior | Ep. 49

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It takes skill to misbehave! A verbal child often argues with you until you’re exhausted. An emotional child might cry or manipulate. A physical child is more likely to get aggressive or grab something they want. Though it feels frustrating and even counter-intuitive, a shift in attention to your child’s strengths by finding their gift-gone-awry can help.

Stacy Bellward is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families. Together they talk about the third part of the Connected Families framework: You are CALLED and CAPABLE! They discuss the transformational idea of finding the gifts beneath your child’s misbehavior. The challenge for parents is to identify the “gift” within the misbehavior; what we call a “Gift-Gone-Awry.” 

In this podcast* Jim and Lynne share:

  • a life-giving vision to reframe your child’s gifts gone awry
  • the importance of embracing this challenging vision
  • how Jesus saw and encouraged a gift-gone-awry
  • practical strategies for identifying, not suppressing, your child’s gifts

We also hear from Jessica, an alum from our Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart online course. She shares a practical example of looking for the gift-gone-awry in a tough situation with her son. Before taking the course, her approach to discipline unintentionally communicated to her son, “You are a problem!” Now their relationship has been transformed as she is learning to view her son as someone gifted for God’s good purposes!


Want to learn more?

Frustrated by constant discipline challenges? Take 15 minutes to read our free ebook 4 Messages All Children Long to Hear: A Discipline That Connects Overview.

*This podcast originally aired in September of 2019.

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