The God-Given Gifts in Your Child’s Misbehavior | Ep. 13

A Discipline That Connects overview [Podcast Series]

Stacy Bellward is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson to talk about the third part of the Connected Families framework: You are CALLED and CAPABLE! They spend much of their time focusing on the idea of finding the gifts in your child’s misbehavior. 

Listen to this podcast as we discuss the following:

  • The mind-bending idea of gifts-gone-awry.
  • Why it is difficult for parents to embrace this challenging concept.
  • A biblical example of when Jesus sees a gift-gone-awry.
  • The importance of not suppressing kids gifts.

We also hear from Jessica, an alum from the Discipline that Connects With Your Child’s Heart online course. She shares a practical example of looking for the gift-gone-awry in a tough situation with her son. Before taking the course, in various ways she had communicated the message to her son, “You are a problem!” Now her relationship with him is being transformed as she is learning to view him as someone gifted for God’s purposes!

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