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SM being a great grandparent Ep 184

How to Be a Great Grandparent to Your Grandkids (and Their Parents!)| Ep. 184

Two grandmothers, Dijea Young and Cindy Stonestreet (who also happen to be Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches) chat about the role of play in grandparenting and how they’re learning to be great grandmothers. Cindy and Dijea share personal stories about…

SM god of play Joy Wendling Ep 182

The God of Play: Joyfully Embrace the Playful Side of God With Your Kids | Ep. 182

Today, we talk with Joy Wendling, Connected Families Certified Parent Coach and founder of Created to Play, about helping kids come to love God wholeheartedly. Faith can sometimes feel serious or heady, but God is also the God of play,…

SM play w child like a therapist Ep 181

How to Play with Kids Like a Therapist Would | Ep. 181

Two therapists chat about the benefits of play and how to incorporate play therapy into your family’s routine. The end goal: More connection with your child and a more regulated child. It’s a win-win! In this podcast episode, Lynne Jackson,…

SM stories of transformation Fauver Ep 180

Stories of Transformation… from “Fixing” to Connecting | Ep. 180

We chat with Lindsay Fauver, a mom from the Connected Families community, about her parenting journey with a child who experiences anxiety, sensory challenges, and challenging behaviors. Lindsay shares how she has gained new understanding and tools to support her…

SM authentic community Ep 179

How Authentic Community Can Equip Parents to Thrive | Ep. 179

In this meaningful conversation, we talk to dads Matt Norman (author and President & CEO of Norman & Associates) and Jim Jackson (Connected Families Co-Founder) about their experiences with authentic, vulnerable community. Matt shares his personal journey of seeking more…