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SM stories of transformation Fauver Ep 180

Stories of Transformation… from “Fixing” to Connecting | Ep. 180

We chat with Lindsay Fauver, a mom from the Connected Families community, about her parenting journey with a child who experiences anxiety, sensory challenges, and challenging behaviors. Lindsay shares how she has gained new understanding and tools to support her…

SM micromanage our kids Ep 177

Are You Micromanaging Your Kids? Here’s How to Stop | Ep. 177

Listen in as we talk with Chad Hayenga (Connected Families Director of Education and Equipping) about parental anxiety and micromanagement, and how these can negatively impact your relationship with your child. Chad and Stacy (podcast host) discuss common scenarios that…

SM kids arguments Ep 168

Questions & Doubts: When Your Child’s Faith Is Uncertain | Ep. 168

If your child has serious doubts or has walked away from their faith, it can be scary. Together with parent coaches Bonnie Williams and Chad Hayenga, we explore parenting through a child’s spiritual doubts or unbelief. Chad and Bonnie share…

SM kids arguments Ep 167

Kids’ Arguments: Establish Peace with 4 Steps | Ep. 167

If your kids’ bickering ever drives you bonkers, you’ll want to hear this fresh perspective with our guest and certified parent coach, Megan Thorp. Stacy and Megan unpack the Connected Families’ approach to transform kids’ arguments into opportunities to build…