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Connecting With Your Kids…Especially When They Struggle | Ep. 24

You may have heard, “Move TOWARD the struggling child.” This phrase might seem counter-intuitive. Often, when our child is struggling, the last thing we want to do is connect with them.  When we show love unconditionally, especially when our kids…

Communicating Love in the Midst of Misbehavior | Ep. 12

Stacy Bellward is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson to talk about a message that is essential for discipline situations: You are LOVED no matter what!  Why is this necessary? Don’t kids already know they are loved? During the frustration…

12 Reasons for Love-No-Matter-What

Mitch was only in his mid-twenties, but he confidently and warmly welcomed the congregation at a large local church we attended where he was a new pastor. Lynne and I knew his family, and reflected back to when he wasn’t…

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