When Your Child Misbehaves

4 Strategies for Lasting Change

All children misbehave from time to time. While parents do their best to guide them, sometimes it feels like progress is hard to come by. Why is this the case? Don’t our kids know innately that what we are asking them to do is what’s best for them?

You have great intentions for your kids. But between your great intentions and the stuff that happens when you discipline them, oftentimes things go wrong: kids don’t listen, or may intentionally resist your efforts. Tempers flare. This dynamic usually builds resentment and discouragement, not changed behavior. This ebook offers four strategies to empower your child for change. You can learn this simple but profound approach that has helped thousands of parents turn stressful discipline moments into valuable opportunities to build peace, wisdom and true respect.

This ebook was written to help parents shift their thinking and transform their families by introducing the basics of the Discipline that Connects® approach. Take 15 minutes, and read more about this approach.

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