Help For Parents

We love helping all kinds of families to find God’s grace and truth wherever they are right now. Toward that end, we’ve developed a variety of resources to help parents, including parenting tips, parent coachingbooks, free downloadable resourcesand an online course. You can also use this form to contact us regarding your parenting question or concern.

Discipline That Connects: 6 Session Online Course

Ever feel like you want to change your parenting but don’t know where to start? Discipline that Connects is for you! This six-session course delivers practical, grace-filled teaching that will help you learn to be the parent you’ve always longed to be.

Parent Coaching

For parents who want that extra personal guidance to connect well with their families, we offer one-on-one personalized parent coaching. [read more]

Parenting Tips

Every week we send out parenting tips to our growing community around the world. These tips are both practical and thoughtful. We’ll give you ideas you can put to use right away that will help you become a wiser parent.

Our Books

Jim and Lynne have written and published two books.

How to Grow a Connected Family with Contagious Love and Faith focuses on how to understand and implement the Connected Families Framework in your family — growing from a Foundation of God’s grace and truth to Connect with, Coach, and Correct your children.

Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart focuses in specifically on discipline, and how to make sure you’re communicating four powerful messages to your kids: “You are SAFE,” “You are LOVED,” You are “GOD’S WORKMANSHIP,” and “You are RESPONSIBLE.”

Free Downloadable Resources

We’ve collected a few practical tools, posters, and handouts to help you grow a connected family. [read more]

Resources We Recommend

Here are a few books and other resources produced by other folks that have impacted us profoundly and/or that we recommend. [read more]

Get started and get encouraged!