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PODCAST: 4-4-17 – Focus on the Family, Conveying God’s Love Through Discipline, Part One and Part Two

ARTICLE: 1-31-17 – Katie M. Reid, Finding Grace in the Unraveling – Three Amazing Truths about the Father’s Heart Toward You

ARTICLE: 1-15-17 – Jill Savage – Four Keys to Guide your Child from Lying to Loving the Truth!

PODCAST: 11-28-16 – Mark Elfstrand, Let’s Talk, AM 1160 Hope for Your Life (Chicago)Mark Interviews Jim and Lynne Jackson

ARTICLE: 11-23-16 – Lindsey Wingo, Missional MotherhoodWhat is My Child Really Learning When I Discipline?

PODCAST: 11-2-16 – Brock Tozer, The Wednesday Bookmark, CHRI Family Radio (Ottawa) – A Powerful Approach to Bringing God’s Grace to Kids

ARTICLE: 10-20-16 – Gretchen Louise, Kindred GraceBooks on Motherhood that Have Challenged Me

PODCAST: 10-19-16 – Debbie Chavez, The Debbie Chavez Show: Biblical Guidance for WomenDiscipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart

ARTICLE: 10-15-16 – Kathy McClure, Frugal Lancaster – Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused or like you need a boost in your parenting confidence?

PODCAST: 10-14-16 – Jacque Watkins, Finding Grace Through the Mud – MS 101 Discipline that Connects with Jim & Lynne Jackson

ARTICLE: 10-12-16 – Jeannie Pederson, Kindred Grace Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart

ARTICLE: 10-5-16 – The Millennial MomDiscipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart Online Course

ARTICLE: 10-3-16 – Jessica Wolstenholm, Grace for Moms Discipline that Connects {book review + online course}

ARTICLE: 10-3-16 – Kristen Welch, We are That FamilyTell Your Kids This Today

ARTICLE: 9-27-2016 – Belinda Letchford, Live Life with Your Kids – What Heart Messages do you Communicate when You Discipline Your Child?

PODCAST: 9-24-16 – Ivy Donavan, Dottin’ the iDiscipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart

PODCAST: 9-22-2016 – Steve Weins, This Good Word – Parenthood with Jim and Lynne Jackson

ARTICLE: 9-21-2016 – Dr. Michelle WatsonTeaching Your Daughter to Stand Up To You

PODCAST: 9-21-2016 – Kat Lee, Inspired To Action – The Power of Proactive Parenting with Jim and Lynne Jackson

ARTICLE: 9-20-2016 – FamilyLife CanadaDiscipline That Connects Book Review

ARTICLE: 9-20-2016 – Milk N’ HoneyJackson Book Review and Give-Away

PODCAST: 9-19-2016 – Emily Thomas, Moms Struggling Well – Protecting our Kids from our Baggage with Jim and Lynne Jackson

ARTICLE: 9-13-2016 – Arlene Pellicane, The Happy Home Book Review: Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart

ARTICLE: 9-13-2016 – Joe Budish How to Form Charter AND Strengthen Your Relationship

ARTICLE: 9-13-2016 – Desiring GodDiscipline That Connects

ARTICLE: 9-5-16 – – Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart (Excerpt)

ARTICLE: 8-12-2016 – Church Leaders – Four Principles for Engaging Difficult Kids in Ministry

ARTICLE: 8-11-2016 – Sheila Wray Gregoire – How do You Handle Sibling Rivalry? Stopping Kids’ Fights Effectively

PODCAST: 6-27-2016 – Heather MacFadyen, God Centered MomResolving Sibling Conflict

PODCAST: 6-14-2016 – Kat Lee, Inspired To Action – Stop Fixing Behavior and Start Building Belief

PODCAST: 11-30-2015 – Heather MacFadyen, God Centered Mom – Connecting With Your Kids in Any Circumstances

PODCAST: 7-20-2015 – Heather MacFadyen, God Centered MomHow to Connect, Coach, and Correct Your Child

PODCAST: 11-30-2015 – Heather MacFadyen, God Centered MomHelp Your Child Feel Safe and Loved