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~ Charla, Mom of 2

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  • big sky god_s love crop

    The sky is closer than you think…

    The following is based on a reflection written by our eldest son, Daniel. We’ve adapted it a bit to speak more to parents. ~Jim & Lynne What a relief it is to know that even if I somehow managed to become the person I’m constantly striving and browbeating myself to become, it wouldn’t earn me an ounce more of God’s …

hands holding cross easter

Build Your Easter on the Cross

Easter: The day when we sit through church together, and then VROOM! On to the… Ham. Potatoes. Egg hunts. Chocolate …


Teens Always Rebel. Right?

I recently received an email that was sent out to a large number of parents from a teacher at my …

crazy eyes child at meal

Why Your Discipline Often Backfires

Jayden has been struggling to sit still at the table. Each time he gets antsy he gets a warning. “If …

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