• Your ministry has shaped our parenting more than anything else

    – Rachel – mom of three kids ages 7, 4 and toddler
  • in days I went from really disliking my kids to really enjoying them!

    – Mom of a three kids ages 6, 5 and 3 (Amazon Review)
  • CF sets an example of wisdom and expertise that is kind and loving rather than harsh and shaming

    – Kim – raising a daughter with Asperger’s
Latest Parenting Tips:
  • tv guarding mom

    Whoops, There’s Sex in Our Family Night Movie!

    When our children were in elementary school, we chose to watch Tootsie with them. It’s a PG-rated movie from the early 80s that I remembered as quite funny and appropriate for the kids (ages about 8-12) to watch. But I had forgotten about the scene where it’s strongly implied that Dustin Hoffman has sex with one of his acting students. …

mom and child talk

The Key to Consistent Parenting

It is often said that consistency is an important key to effective parenting. We agree wholeheartedly. However, we believe consistency …

Irresponsible Child

When Kids Stay Irresponsible

Brian and Jana were very concerned about how much work it was to get their 8-year-old son, Brady, to do …

teen at computer

What to Do When You Catch Your Child Looking at Porn

15 year old Dave (not his real name) ended up in my office because he’d been repeatedly caught viewing online …

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