Build Trust and Connection with 100,000 Yeses

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Mom, can you drive me to school?
Sorry, I’m really busy today.

Mom, can you get me the scissors?
Why can’t you get them? You know where they are.

Mom, can you help me clean my room?
You know that’s your responsibility. I know you can do it.

Mom, can you lay with me in bed until I fall asleep?
Oh, honey, I’d love to but I really need to get the kitchen cleaned.

No, no, no. I can’t even count the number of times I implicitly or explicitly say no to my children every day.

Seven Minutes of Powerful Parenting Wisdom [video]

Looking for some powerful parenting wisdom? Look no further!

In this seven-minute video, Jim and Lynne share the “secret sauce” behind Connected Families — the framework that has transformed so many parents and changed the lives of countless families.

So what are you waiting for? Watch and join in the transformation!

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From Minnesota to your living room — we have a workshop for you!

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Our speaking season has just gotten underway. We’re excited to meet many of you at churches around the Twin Cities Metro area and outstate this fall.

We’ll also be launching the fall session of our online course of Discipline That Connects on October 5. Registration opens on Monday, September 28!

Join us in person or online and start the school year with the motivation and encouragement to be the parent God has called you to be. Here’s a list of our upcoming workshops:

The Most Effective Way to Teach Kids to Pray

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As parents, we want what’s best for our children, including a life of strong faith, values, and prayer.

Sometimes it can seem like a daunting task — how do I teach faith to my children? How do I help them understand things that sometimes I don’t even understand?

We may search for the “right words” to say, or the “right book” to recommend, or the “right youth group” to send our kids to — and these things are not unimportant. But the most powerful way for us to teach our kids faith, values, and prayer is to live them.

Love – No Matter What!



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For I am convinced that
neither arguing nor defiance,
neither sibling conflict nor disrespect,
neither bad grades nor failure,
neither whining nor lying,
neither forgetfulness nor messes,
nor any other misbehavior
will be able to separate you from
my love or from God’s amazing Love.

Romans 8:38-39
as adapted by Connected Families

Struggling with a disobedient child? We can help.

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On October 5, we will launch the fall session of our online course Discipline That Connects with your Child’s Heart.

This online course is based on the book and workshop of the same name, both of which have transformed thousands of families.

These powerful principles are now accessible worldwide – on your schedule and at your pace. Midnight in China? No problem. 6 AM in Seattle? We’re there too. These six modules will challenge you, encourage you and – if you let them – change you and your family forever.

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Here is a small sampling of comments from previous online course participants:

Why It’s Incredibly Important to Tell Stories to Kids

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For most of human history, values and faith have been passed along by the spoken word in the context of one’s closest relationships. Telling stories and integrating values into daily conversations was a primary way youngsters learned from their parents.

Research on many fronts shows the impact when parents spend time talking to their children about important issues. This research shows dramatic influence related to language development and educational success[i], faith development[ii], chemical use[iii], and a host of other issues. The bottom line is, if I want to pass my faith and values onto my children, talking about deeper issues with my children becomes a high priority.