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Latest Parenting Tips:
  • push parent button wide

    What to Do When Kids Push Your Buttons

    When kids act up, it’s a parent’s job to guide them through the difficulty. But kids’ trouble often pushes parents’ buttons. Need for control? Push. Desire for quick fixes? Push. Anxiety about what’s gonna happen with this demanding kid? Push. Inconvenient timing? Push. The kids get treated as if they’re the only ones in trouble — but in fact, their …

child growing up to teen

Want a Responsible Teen? Start Now!

I just watched a video from a youth ministry leader. He intentionally stated one reason it’s so hard to relate …

super powers parent

What Are Your Parental Super Powers?

Sometimes it can feel like parents need super powers to survive the day and keep everything together. Kari, a mom …

parent teen sit together and laugh while teen gives parent a goofy look -- parenting tips that don't totally suck

6 Teenage Survival Tips that Don’t Totally Suck

The Connected Families team has been called “teen-whisperers” by parents and professionals alike. Upon leaving a counseling session with one …

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