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Latest Parenting Tips:
  • Steve Jobs

    What did Steve Jobs know about parenting that you don’t?

    In a New York Times article published last week, a journalist recalls how he once commented to Steve Jobs that his kids must love the iPod. Surprisingly Jobs replied bluntly, “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Jobs knew firsthand the potential dangers of technology. But how did he avoid having a mutiny …

biblical discipline bible and paddle

Why do Christians spank?

With the recent publicity about Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson’s spanking of one of his kids with a “switch,” the issue …

present parent connection

Are You “Present” with Your Kids?

School is in session. Some of you have sent your kids back to school. Others have started your homeschool routines. …

mom angry ruins fun

“Mom, You Ruin Everything!”

This following scene has played out hundreds of times in our house between me and my son. We know the …

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