Parenting like Jesus Would: An Interview with Lynne Jackson [video]

Recently CF staffer Chad Hayenga sat down with Lynne Jackson to ask her about some of her early parenting struggles and how she overcame them.

Click the image above to watch the full video interview. Or, if you’d rather read, you can download the full transcript here. Below are some highlights from Chad and Lynne’s discussion.

What were the biggest struggles of your early parenting years?

Lynne: Well, we had a lot of crazy conflicts in our home, but the biggest problem was that we didn’t feel settled about how we were going to deal with them. I had the extremes of a very gentle, patient, never-spanked-me mother and some very conservative, rigid parenting videos that we would watch that said “Spank your child with every disobedience and every delay in obedience!” and I felt torn between those two.