Transforming Your Parenting: Lisa’s Story

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Today’s post comes from Lisa, a mom who wrote in to share with us how her experience with our online course has changed her parenting.

When I found Connected Families, we were struggling to get our kids to listen the first time — for everything from bedtime to getting ready to leave the house to eating the food we have prepared for dinner. There were sibling fights between our 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son. We wanted compliance from our children to make our lives easier, and we often yelled in frustration to get it. We wanted to get on the same page, be more consistent, and become parents that want to show our kids God’s grace through discipline and teaching – but our best efforts to get first time obedience were failing.

What Parents Are Saying about the Discipline that Connects Online Course

Have you ever felt like your parenting just needs a breath of fresh air? So did these parents — and they found it in our Discipline that Connects online course! Watch and see what four real parents had to say about their experience.

Amazing stories of heart-change from real parents! And Christine even said that “The parenting model that the Jacksons teach and model in this class is so life-giving and wonderful that there were many times I personally felt healing in my own heart over the negative parenting I was raised with.” What a blessing!

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Mothering isn’t as peaceful as you thought? We can help!


When you became a mother, you likely pictured images of you and your children frolicking, playing, creating and bonding. You probably didn’t have visions of yourself with your face beet red, eyes bulging and words that you thought you’d never say spilling from your lips.

But here you are, ready to pull your hair out! You’re not sure how you even got to this point or how to find your way out of the rut. So you make promises to yourself to keep your cool, to be more patient, to practice deep breathing techniques. Only to pick up the pieces after you’ve blown it… one more time. You know you are capable of so much more than just “holding it together,” but you just can’t seem to get there.

Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Break the Rules

I grew up being really good at following rules.

As a child (and even as a young adult), I really struggled with having grace for people who either didn’t or couldn’t follow the rules. Kids who did poorly or misbehaved in school, my younger sister who was less “shiny” than I was, non-believers, or even people who just didn’t have it as “together” as I thought they should — I was outwardly humble, but inside I looked down on them with condescension and self-righteousness. Why couldn’t they just follow these simple rules?

Why We’re Giving Our Course Away

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Julie is a struggling mom who recently completed the Discipline That Connects online course. Unable to pay the registration fee, she was only able to take the course because of the generosity of donors who made it possible by covering the $64 suggested fee.

We offer parents a “pay what you can” model because we never want money to be a barrier to our equipping and encouraging parents.

Economists or financial analysts might question our sanity. But we aren’t economists or financial analysts. We are a small faith-based ministry fully dedicated to helping as many parents as we can become beacons of God’s grace and truth for their kids. We are committed to making our resources available to whoever is hungry for what we “serve,” regardless of their ability to pay.

Skiing, Tears, and Grace

At a recent ski meet I found myself twice in tears for people I’ve never met. The first time was when a young competitor “skied out,” meaning he missed a gate and was disqualified from the race. Nearby his parents gasped and grew visibly angry.

I understand being upset by my kids’ failures. We want what’s best for our kids and when they hurt, for better or worse, we tend to hurt with them when they make mistakes. But these parents weren’t just hurt. They were angry. I later learned that when they met their son following the race they scolded him, saying things like, “Do you know how much we spent to be here! Can’t you concentrate for just one minute?! What is wrong with you!”

God’s Uncommon Grace and Truth

One of our favorite taglines here at Connected Families is:

Uncommon Grace and Truth for Parents.

Coming up with this tagline took a little longer than you’d think.  After trying hard to be clever for a few months it came right down to the plain and powerful fact that we SO want to spread: Families are transformed when parents grow in God’s grace and truth, and learn to spill it over to their kids.

Why do you discipline your kids?

At our workshops we frequently ask parents why they discipline their kids. The most common answers:

  • To teach them
  • To get them to behave
  • To motivate them
  • To hold them accountable

These are certainly viable answers. But what if the main reason we disciplined our kids was the same reason God disciplines us: so they may share his holiness? (Heb. 12:10)

What might change if every time you addressed your child’s misbehavior you first asked yourself, “How can I discipline, right now, in a way that will woo my child’s heart toward God’s grace and truth?”

Take 10 to 15 minutes to find out your strengths and challenges with our free parenting assessment.

From Self-Hatred to Full of Grace with One Small Parenting Change

We’re excited to share with you the story of Kyle*, a child who has struggled with perfectionism and explosive anger, and his mom, Brenda. After reading Discipline That Connects, and considering how she might approach Kyle’s behavioral challenges differently than in the past, Brenda decided to make a change in her discipline. Brenda was able to more effectively teach about grace and good behavior by looking at Kyle’s strengths–in the midst of his weaknesses.  We were blessed to hear her amazing solution — and we know you will be, too!

From Self-Hatred to Full of Grace

Our son Kyle was an intense perfectionist – hard on himself and others. His big emotions would erupt in strong, hurtful, or colorful words. After such an explosion Kyle would be engulfed by a tsunami of remorse and shame. “I’m a bad kid! Nobody will ever like me. I’m going to hell because that’s where bad people go!” If we tried to console him by contradicting this terrible self-hatred he would yell “Shut up!!” and run to his room.