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Legal Details

We count it a privilege to be in relationship with those who have given us permission to connect. As new regulations roll-out around the world, we think it best to stay ahead of the game to let you know our commitments to our followers. Our bottom line – we will always meet or exceed privacy rules and regulations and will do our best to offer full disclosure about how we do it. If you have any questions or concerns simply contact us to discuss.

Connected Families is a 501c-3 non-profit Christian-based ministry founded in 2002 in Chaska, MN by Jim and Lynne Jackson.

  • Privacy Policy: Your information is between you and us only – forever. We never sell or share any of your contact information with outside vendors. We use your contact information to send our weekly parenting tips, to let you know about resources for sale, and upcoming events, and occasional fundraising emails. You may unsubscribe at any time from our email list.
  • Refund Policy: If you are unhappy with any of the products you’ve purchased, email us at info@connectedfamilies.org and we will reimburse you. So that we can improve our offerings, we’d gratefully ask that you let us know why the product didn’t meet your expectations.
  • Shipping Terms: If you purchase a physical product (book, DVD, CD) we will mail it within 24 hours unless ordered on Friday or Saturday. Orders that come in after 5 on Thursday or anytime on Friday or Saturday will be mailed on Monday (unless a holiday falls on a Monday). Orders placed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will be shipped the day of or, at the latest, the day after.

GDPR compliance and how we track personal data:

  • If you click on a product link (such as for an online course) you will be tagged as “interested” in the product. When we know people are interested we have specific strategies for keeping you informed.  
  • If you purchase a product such as a book, a CD, DVD, or coaching services your data will be tagged accordingly.
  • If you donate to Connected Families, you will automatically be placed on the donor list and will receive regular donor updates and an occasional hard copy letter in the mail.
  • At the bottom of every email, we give the ability to unsubscribe. If you are no longer interested in receiving email from us, we prefer that you unsubscribe rather than drag us to your “spam” folder. When we are placed in spam it tags it as a “complaint” against us.
  • At any time you can ask that ALL of your identifying information be removed from Connected Families or any of the technology platforms we use such as ConvertKit, WooCommerce, or Salsa.


Don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to help.