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Angry is not your child's identity. You can help.

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Anger is addictive.

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So often parents with an angry child wonder what has gone wrong. Are you a bad parent? Are you an angry mom? Or an angry dad?

Here's a little truth for you: God picked YOU to parent this wonderful, miraculous child for a reason.

And God has gifted you with the abilities to guide them toward truth and peace.

Hispanic Family together

“Great insight, especially to those challenging, intense, & sensory driven children!” – Angie from Lakewood, WA

“I’m excited to have clear ideas of how to work on my kids anger as well as mine.” – Mom of 2 perfectionists

“Thank you so much for your work! It is on point and effective! I have read many Christian and psychological parenting books and Connected Families is the BEST out there!” – Mom of 3 rambunctious boys in Canada

“I love the references to research and scripture. This takes it beyond advice or opinion to something really solid.” – Katie, mom of 4

“This book includes so many strategies that can be used immediately and implemented with minimal preparation.” – Mom of 3 in Minnesota

“This book has opened my eyes to some of my own unhealthy patterns of dealing with anger, yet it has not left me discouraged or overwhelmed. Instead, I am hopeful to begin this journey of learning to deal with our big emotions in a God honouring way alongside my kids.” – Mom of 3 in London, Ontario

Enjoy Helping Kids with Anger.

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